Bluebell’s Litter Announcement

Bluebell had her very first litter of puppies. Blue is a little dog so it is fitting that her first litter be little like her. We only have three little babies in this litter. All three puppies are merle, which is really pretty cool since getting a merle in this litter was about a 33% chance per puppy. The two male puppies are blue merles like Bluebell and the one female puppy is a chocolate merle. They are average sized puppies despite the litter itself being small although it is clear that our little girl is the biggest puppy in the litter and takes after their daddy Jake. Enjoy our newborn photos!

Our first little boy we are calling “Patches” here he is. He has some tan points making him a tri-color and he has a cute little chocolate patch on his hip.

Our second born little boy we are calling “Pirate” because he has an adorable black patch over one eye (like a Pirate eye patch according to our resident 3 year old pirate expert).

Our last born baby was a female chocolate merle we are calling “Polly”. She is a rolly-polly little thing and already showing that she is an easy going puppy just like her daddy.

Since I’m late in getting these photos posted I will be posting their 10 day old pictures shortly! 🙂

One thought on “Bluebell’s Litter Announcement

  1. Hi Annette, hope you’re having a good summer. I was wondering when puppy choosing will be? I’ve been checking for postings but haven’t seen any. It’s getting close I’m getting anxious.

    Thank you, Dawn Lloyd

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