Eden’s Rose in Bloom (Rosie)

Our breeding dame Eden’s Rose in Bloom (Rosie) is a wonderful mother and a very good furry friend. I hope I am able to describe her well enough to do her justice. Everyone that meets Rosie loves her. She is a real sweetheart and a lover of every person she meets.


Height: 15 inches at the shoulder                              Weight: 19 pounds

Coat: Bearded with a soft curl and fleecy texture               Pattern & Color:  Blue merle with tan points

Eye Rim/Nose Leather: Black                              Eye Color: Left eye blue; right eye brown

so sweet

Rosie is an absolutely wonderful mother and a complete clown! She is a beautiful blue-merle atop black and tan phantom markings. She has one strikingly beautiful blue eye, and one rich cocoa-colored eye. Rosie has extraordinarily long eyelashes and long floppy ears. Her coat has a very soft wavy texture. She always looks soulful and serious and has such a sweet and playful nature.

Rosie is everybody’s best friend; person and dog alike. She does like to try and eat wildlife (she attempted to bite a wild turtle once in our yard, fortunately his shell protected him) and she is a bird-dog by breeding and does watch the birds at our feeder with interest and gives chase occasionally. We have parakeets in the house and Rosie pays them no attention.

Rosie is so friendly that she makes exceptional puppies well-suited for volunteer therapy work. She is a confident, out-going dog. Rosie loves children but prefers to seek out adults since they pet the most and squeeze the least. Rosie does not have an aggressive bone in her body. She is a very patient dog, amicable with other dogs and willing to tolerate ear and hair pulling by puppies and children alike.
She loves to be petted and scratched and will put her head under your hand until she gets what she wants (or gets told to lay down). She is a very quiet dog, not nearly as vocal as her best pal Rusty. She will play fetch, but her favorite game is “kill the toy” and “tug-O’-war”. Rosie loves to jump and when she is excited to see her family she will jump straight up in the air. Her vertical jump (the puppy Pogo) can reach as high as four feet!

Running Rosie 3

Rosie loves to run and is the picture of joy as she leaps and bounds across the lawn. She loves to run and take walks and will follow along at a trot when I take a bicycle ride but Rosie is not highly energetic and athletic. She is much more content having a lazy day on the couch.

Prancing pup

Rosie likes to circle many times before choosing a spot to sleep. She is rarely seen without her buddy Rusty, but prefers to follow her people all around the house. As a result we are often shadowed by our Rosie, and Rusty is tailing close behind her!
Rosie is our tallest Cockapoo at exactly 15 inches at the withers (top of the front shoulders). She weighs 18 pounds and has lovely long legs and a perfect build that is closer to square and is certainly not “long and low”.

Rosie has lovely bone structure and a smooth, fluid gait. She especially loves to have her ears scratched. Her coat has little curl and is more “fleecy”, therefore it nearly never matts down and she does not shed.

Most importantly Rosie passes on her exuberant and clownish nature to her little puppies. Her babies have all been healthy and easily trained. They have all been excellent representatives of the Cockapoo breed and have gone on to wonderful companion homes and some work as volunteer therapy dogs.

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