Current Litter


Follow along while our lovely ladies are in-whelp, deliver their babies and watch pups grow and grow. I will post regularly so you can see the puppies develop both physically and mentally. Follow the puppy-rearing adventure (minus all the clean-up and sleepless nights).

Learn more about our breeding practices by going to our official website.


Bluebell had a lovely litter of merle puppies. This is her first litter and we’re excited to see her babies grow.


You can view our red babies over at Autumn’s Puppy Watch and you can view all our previous posts (below) as well. Subscribe to get an email when I post the next litter announcement!



Hazel has had her very first litter! Hazel is the daughter of our Fern and Rusty. She was bred to Jake and delivered her very first litter of 5 sweet babies.

  •  Hazel’s (Public) Litter Announcement
  • 4 week puppy pictures! The little guys are really coming along in their development. Their eyes and ears are fully opened and they have gone from wobbly walking to steady walking and even a few little runs, hops and rolls. They are doing great! We have moved onto sensory stimulation to include using our sensory board. These guys are really a wonderful group of puppies. They seem to possess their mother’s amazing intelligence (Hazel is just the smartest) and their father’s laid back, mellow personality. Best of both worlds, I say. I am excited to see how their little personalities develop as they grow! Here are photos of our boys and here are our girls. Enjoy! (Info on our sensory board can be found HERE)
  • Hazel’s Puppies are Six Weeks Old (six week puppy pictures)
  • We had professional pictures of Hazel’s babies done. These lovely photos can be found HERE.
  • 8 Week old photos. Our boys and here are our girls. Enjoy!
  • Training trip to Petsmart for Bentley and Archie. The boys enjoyed a big trip out for the evening.

New Puppy Families – I recommend you give this article a read: Crate Training Crying Puppies


Rosie does not have a current litter of puppies. She is resting after her last litter to ensure maximum health for both her and her babies. We expect to see babies from her in Spring 2014. Go to see our Past Posts to learn what we do here and what to expect when your litter comes along.

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