Our Remaining Girls

Note: This post has been edited and about 75% of the original photos have been removed to conserve space on this website for future puppy photos. Content has not been edited, however.


Our Remaining Girls aren’t really remaining anymore. They’ve all gone to their new homes to begin the very next chapter in their puppy lives: training!

Praline and Cleo (from Autumn’s litter) are staying here with me for some training and if you’d like to follow along please look for my training logs on Eden Dog under the “Training” page or found under the subject training on the “Blog” page. Cleo will have her first training log posted tomorrow and Praline will have her first a few days after that. This week with Cleo has been lots of fun and I’m excited to start working with little Praline!

Here are some photos of the little ladies that were still at my house the other day:

Salty (Shea) is starting to show that she does not have a bearded face. Of course I cannot be sure since we don’t have a DNA test on her, but she does look a lot like she is missing the beard. She continues to have a gorgeous wavy coat with a soft, downy and fuzzy texture. A quiet puppy, Salty follows me around and skips the rough wrestling in favor of chewing dandelions or sitting in my toddler’s lap. Salty has a silly side-ways run that makes me laugh and reminds me of her father.


Betsy (Cocoa) is a little sweetie pie! She is quiet and happy-go-lucky but is also ready to wrestle and tussle with any of the others the second she gets a chance. She regularly beats up Mongo who is sort of a big teddy bear. She pounces around in the tall grass like a funny little cricket. She continues to be extremely people-oriented and wants to be anywhere we are. She still gets carried around by the toddler, half dangling and looks completely comfortable with that. She is such a friendly and sweet puppy it really was hard to say good-bye to her.



Oreo (Pistachio) is a very sweet, laid back little lady. She and Salty (Shea) hang out together a lot since Betsy (Cocoa) and Praline are often wrestling one another. Oreo is definitely a couch-potato kind of girl but she likes to hop behind Betsy (Cocoa) in the grass and she did ferociously attack a dandelion yesterday. I’m sure the other dandelions will think twice before moving in the breeze around her! Oreo is our quietest puppy. I don’t think I’ve heard a whole lot of vocalizations from her at all. It will be interesting to know if she finds her voice at her new home after Saturday. *Note* I heard a little bit of a whine from her today and I was surprised it was her! Turned out she needed to go potty so I took her outside (out of the nursery under the stairs where they were napping) and she promptly went potty! Yay! Good girl!



Praline is our go-go-go puppy. She is small but mighty and always trying to get the others to join her on some adventure. She likes to explore but doesn’t want to do that alone. She reminds me of my toddler, always grabbing my hand and saying “follow me, Mommy”. Praline thoroughly enjoys our little walks and she pesters her siblings to wrestle whenever she gets the chance. She is a champion stuffed-squirrel “killer” and she has (I kid you not) attempted to climb several trees. She’s an impressive little sweetie pie with the face of an angel. For all her enthusiasm she is the only puppy who still can’t climb the front porch steps. That is right… she climbs trees but not the massive porch steps. She hops around and cries at us but she just doesn’t think she has what it takes to take on that challenge just yet. Oreo (Pistachio) is with her on that one, although Oreo has made it up the steps a few times before, she usually hangs back with Praline for a bit with a look on her face like “where is the elevator?” That or she’ll go under the porch steps and hunt for crickets.





Our Remaining Boys

Note: This post has been edited and about 75% of the original photos have been removed to conserve space on this website for future puppy photos. Content has not been edited, however.


Our Remaining Boys:

Mongo (went home yesterday morning, actually) has found his voice and most definitely is a people-doggy who does not want to be left alone to be in canine companionship alone. He can set up such a very sad sounding little howl when I walk away from the puppy play-yard. As adorable as it truly is I realize that his new family may not be as in love with Mongo’s voice as he is. To give them a head start in crate training I began his crate training over the past three days. I have separated him from his siblings for a few short naps in a crate to help him get used to being separated from people and other puppies.

Take a look at the post Crate Training Crying Puppies  I employ a bit of this training to any puppies that begin showing signs of being a tad whiney in this area. Our first baby was Marzipan, who quickly stopped unnecessary crying and is now one of the quietest puppies (well he just went home a few minutes ago. So now he is someone else’s quiet puppy). Then we employed a bit of training for Mongo.

With the extra early training he has learned that being alone isn’t such a scary thing and now his mournful and lonesome little voice is heard no more than his siblings. (And all puppies do some complaining and crying). Mongo’s voice is as big and strong as he is! No yappy noises for this man! He sounds bigger than he is! Which is funny because he is a big mush. He just wants a good belly rub and someone to follow all over the house. He will be very happy in his new home where he will have lovely little children to snuggle him to his hearts’ content and their parents who are going definitely going to be wrapped around his big-boy paw. He is such a big teddy bear.



Marzipan is getting more beautiful and golden every single day. He just went home a few minutes ago. So I guess I can’t call him “remaining” anymore either!!

He is such a sweet-natured little puppy and is so interested in snuggling he could pass on just about everything else… except food. He looks forward to meal time and eats with enthusiasm! He is a growing boy! If he can combine eating and snuggling then he is really in heaven. And I like so-called “food motivation” because it really helps with the training process. Soon he will be going to live with his Mommy and a new feline buddy. Marzipan is such a gentle little puppy that I have a feeling he is going to be good friends with his new kitty room mate. Marzipan can also set up a fuss when left in the playpen or in the nursery for the night. He hasn’t been as loud as Mongo, though, so I haven’t given him a lot of time in a crate alone.

Marzipan found a way to get himself underneath our porch the other day. He taught his siblings to do this as well. None were brave enough to give it a go except for Salty (Shea) who promptly got herself stuck under there. But I got her out without any issues. Since then all the puppies have gone under there a few times except for Salty – who has apparently had enough of going under there! She’s no dummy!



Farewell Photos

Note: This post has been edited and about 75% of the original photos have been removed to conserve space on this website for future puppy photos. Content has not been edited, however.


Well we are officially down to only 4 Rosie babies. Saturday our final 3 will be going home and I will have little Praline and little Cleo here with me for some training. And that is the end of our spring/summer 2014 litters! Time flew by so very quickly, didn’t it?

Maybe it doesn’t seem to fly by as fast when you’re on the “waiting for a puppy” end of things?

Filbert is now Milo and Kola is Bailey and they are settling into their new homes already. I wonder if their siblings have noticed the dwindling numbers of their crew? Perhaps. They’ve been especially snuggly lately.

Cocoa went home today with a new, Independence Day themed name, Betsy, and Mongo (who is staying Mongo because it is such a perfect name for him) was giving his new dad chin kisses before they made it to the car.

Our remaining puppies enjoyed the cool stay-inside and play rainy weather today. Here are some excellent photos of our puppies today!


I don’t want to make loading each page difficult due to tons of photos so I will break the pictures I have into a couple groups. Here are a few short “stories” told by photos that I took yesterday in the yard.



Coming Soon (more pictures)


Puppy Photo Stories

Note: This post has been edited and about 75% of the original photos have been removed to conserve space on this website for future puppy photos. Content has not been edited, however.

Taking puppy pictures results in capturing some really funny moments. Since I tend to rapid-fire take photos in order to get one good shot in 25 of squirmy babies I usually wind up getting a neat little story-board of puppy events. It is fun to be able to share some of these with you guys (when I can find the time). Unfortunately I woke up sick as a dog yesterday (where does that saying come from, anyway? My dogs are rarely sick. I am sick way more often. I wonder if they say ‘sick as a person’ when they fall ill?)

Due to being so incredibly ill I was not able to do the world’s greatest job uploading these little stories for you guys. But I’m here today to finish my posts (hopefully). Traffic is yucky out there so I find myself with a little time to spare.

So here are a few photo stories from the other day:

Story 1: Right, Left and in-between

Oh look! A child! Let’s go get a good snuggle!

around and in-between 1


All three little guys ran up to Evie to say hello… and then it was like they planned in advance. Instead of staying to get a pat they quickly divided up. You go on that side, you go on that side, and I’ll go right down the middle… it was pretty funny.

around and in-between 2


Story 2: Tree Climbing Puppies

Now I told you about our tree climbing little Praline.

*note* no, I didnt tell you about this. You’re not going nuts. This post was meant to be the second un a series but instead my sicky self only finished this one and posted it. Anyway Praline likes to climb trees.*

She got the idea from her brother Mongo. But he gave up. Not Praline, though. She went up the large trunks of several of our trees. Not exactly climbing like a bear but she is climbing better than I can! Admittedly I don’t climb trees very well.


Story 3: Rude little sister!!

Maybe Praline is still irritated with Mongo for giving up on their tree climb? I’m not sure. But taking this set of photos cracked me up.

Story 4: Cool Drink on a Hot Day

It was so very hot yesterday! The puppies were really enjoying their romps and walks with me in our yard. After a short time we offered them a nice, big bowl of cold water. I expected some thirsty puppies but the enthusiasm they show for food and water always makes me laugh.

Story 5: Puppy Love

And finally, after our water dish enjoyment, little miss Betsy (Cocoa) gave her sister Oreo (Pistachio) a mini bath. Very sweet sister moment. And serves you right, Oreo. You’re all wet from your swim in the water dish.


Time to Go Home!!

This is it! The puppies are officially ready for their new homes starting tomorrow, Tuesday July 1st! I have to admit that I’m equal parts happy and sad to see our babies go home. But mostly I’m happy for the wonderful families that I get to meet and get to know and who will have the next decade to love these little bundles of fur.

Of course it helps that I will be keeping little Praline here for training for the next few weeks. It definitely reduces the sadness since I won’t be completely bereft of little fuzzy sweethearts.

Email and let me know what times and days work for you (if we haven’t already hammered that down). Little Filbert (who is now Milo) and sweet little Kola are going to their new homes tomorrow! I can’t believe it has come up so very fast. Ah, being pregnant and therefore more emotional always makes puppy-go-home time just a little more bittersweet than usual.

But I know I’m going to get so many photos! (and if I don’t I will email you!) Please feel free to upload any (and all) pictures and updates of your gorgeous babies to our Facebook page. And/or email too! We have a lot of local puppies these two litters so it would be great if we could all stay in touch and have reunions. We’d love that. I can think of a beautiful spring day in the yard with the grill on and Eden dogs running around playing and lots of the wonderful people that I have gotten to know and become friends with talking and enjoying the weather and kids playing… sounds like a really nice day to me. 🙂


So I ask you… can you remember when your babies looked like this?

newborn (1)

newborn (10)

newborn (13)

2 weeks old (9)

2 weeks old (18)

2 weeks old (1)

2 weeks old (21)

Swimming Puppies

Summer here and puppy pick up is just a week away. Why not share your babies having a good splash in the pool? Here they are having their very first “real” swim. By real I mean in water deep enough to require swimming. Unless you’re Kola, who is so tall he can stand in our big-puppy pool. Doesn’t seem to matter to him that he can stand because he swims around then stands, then swims around again anyway 🙂

The puppies have had two practice swims which are basically an introduction to deep water. This is about up to their little chests and done in groups to allow lots of playing and splashing in a positive way.

Our first four “real” swims are done one at a time so that we can teach each baby how to exit the water when they want to and so we can make sure no one goes (and stays) under the water and so we can make sure no one panics but instead has a very positive experience. If you’d like your pup to enjoy swimming you’ll want to continue practicing with him or her. The sooner the better. Get a cheap little plastic pool at any big box type store and fill it with water (and let it sit in direct sunshine for a couple of hours to get a little warm). Take your puppy swimming! If you have access to a real pool or lake or other body of water then get right in and take your little guy in with you!

Practice goes like this:

  • we lower our puppy slowly into the water, sinking just enough to get the puppy to begin paddling.
  • We hold the paddling puppy there for a couple of minutes to let him/her get comfortable with the whole thing.
  • Then we slowly slower the puppy fully into the water and let him/her paddle out of our hands.
  • Then we encourage the puppy (by calling them and clapping our hands) to come to the side of the pool with a ramp to exit.
  • We take them out when they reach the exit if they attempt to exit. If they do not exit but turn around (usually what they do) we will call them to the other side where there are stairs.
  • We take the puppy out for a rest after the puppy reaches the stairs.
  • Then we lower the puppy in and repeat the whole process about two more times before we stop the puppy for some sun, a towel, a snack and usually a nap!


In an effort to get these posts actually up and online for you guys I decided not to put any words in the posts but just get the photos out to you. Enjoy your babies!










Puppy Pictures

Note: This post has been edited and about 75% of the original photos have been removed to conserve space on this website for future puppy photos. Content has not been edited, however.

Hello again. Our babies are getting so big! And so fast, too! Many of you have come to visit and seen your little sweetie but some of you haven’t had the fun of coming for a visit (or it has been a while since you were able to make it down) so here are some photos of each baby in backwards alphabetical order. Why? I dunno. Why not? 😉  If it has been awhile since you’ve seen your little one I tried to include lots of photos for you.

PS-now that all the babies have been officially selected for their individual homes please remember to send half the puppy payment (the final half to be paid in cash on pick-up day). Most of you have already done so (thank you), so if you have then disregard this 🙂

 Shea: Well, our little sweetie pie is officially picked and named Salty. I love this name and I especially love how well it goes with her curly white whiskers on her black cheeks and chin and the other bits of white kind of sprinkled onto her coat (sort of like salt). Little Salty is hard to photograph because she was being so frisky! Moving puppies = blurry photos!

Click on photos to enlarge

Praline is adorable, as usual. Can’t help but love that face!

Pistachio is now officially named Oreo, a name as sweet as she is. Can’t help but love this little sweetheart. Unlike the other puppies, working hard to get down off the stump, Oreo kept trying to climb back up onto the log when she slipped off!! Anything to be a good girl for this one 🙂

Mongo is keeping his awesome name (yay!) and will forever be our big, sweet Mongo!! His family is very excited to be bringing their double blue-eyed and handsome little man home in a few weeks and Mongo will be equally excited to learn all about his new family. Despite not being a fast-mover or a fidgety puppy I still had a hard time taking non blurry photos of our big softie. Hopefully our swimming shots (coming up) are better of you fella!


Marzipan is a tummy-rub loving little dude. I have never met a little man so intent on soliciting belly rubs! He also likes to sit on my feet (and sleep there if I let him). He still needs plenty of cuddles and encouragement and is going to really love having a new mama in a few weeks to give him all that lovely attention and more belly rubs than he can stand!

Kola is our next featured little puppy. He is still stunning, sweet and quiet. Today the puppies had a nice long walk around the whole property and Kola toddled along after everyone, last in line, just looking around and taking it in (and occasionally falling asleep in a pile of tall day lily grass). You can’t hide from me, lazy bones! Up for a walk, Mr! He jogs along happily to catch up. I even got a few photos of him jogging just to prove that he will do it if it means catching up to a person he likes. Kola and Oreo are great examples of how the right puppy will definitely let his new owner know they are the right match. Sometimes it happens and it is like magic. You can see the connection being made! It is so much fun to watch! These two puppies are going to be some spoiled little pups!

Filbert is a handsome little man! I took these pictures the same day his new mommy came to play so I didn’t take too many (the mosquitoes were chewing us up) but as you can see he is a very handsome and charming little man.


Cocoa is still sweet and stunningly beautiful. Her new name is Talia and she will surely live up to her mighty namesakes. 🙂 She was fun to photograph as she was in a playful puppy mood and made lots of cute poses just for us. 🙂

Messy Babies

Keeping our puppies clean is half our battle in puppy-rearing. It is an unbelievable amount of work. The reason many breeders do not raise their puppies in the right place (around daily family activity) is because if you do that you have to actually do all the work to keep them clean. That or you have to love the smell of poop. Lots of poop. And the sight of it too. Not just little piles of adorable puppy poop but poo smeared all over the walls and ground into the papers and stuck to cute little puppy fur.

Keeping our puppies kissably clean is a full-time job!

Many people really have no idea how messy rearing a litter of puppies really is. But let me dispel any myths as of now: puppies are poo factories. Puppies are unable to hold their waste for any length of time prior to about 6 weeks of age, and from 6-10 weeks of age it really varies puppy to puppy how long one can go between bathroom trips.

So prior to about 6 weeks our puppies potty constantly. And I mean constantly. And when you have 8 little bodies with the floor as a diaper… well things get messy very fast. Puppies don’t like walking through their waste but they will do it until they’re old enough to avoid it (and if they’ve been allowed to wallow in it by this point they won’t care about spraying it everywhere while wrestling with one another). And even when they try to avoid it as they get older they don’t do a very good job of this.

So constant cleaning of the puppy box is a must. That or throw your litter onto a concrete slab outside or in a kennel nursery where no one can smell them and hose the concrete off once a day. That is kennel rearing for you. Easier money, isn’t it? Yes, ma’am. Better for the dog? No way. Not at all.

What really goes into cleaning out the puppy box (a task which must be done about 3 times a day for newborn puppies and increased by 1 for every week until the puppies begin to wean. Then you can increase that number by 2 for each week until puppies go home.

So what goes into a simple puppy nursery box cleaning?

  • wash our hands
  • take each puppy out of their nursery box
  • wipe puppy paws and faces (which are pretty gross usually) with baby wipes
  • place puppies in large, safe space lined in newspaper
  • remove soiled papers and all the little pieces if they’ve torn any up (why, yes they have)
  • remove soiled soaker pads under the paper
  • sanitize floor with puppy-safe cleanser
  • replace soaker pads with freshly laundered ones
  • cut a sheet of paper and place paper under walls of box to hold paper down
  • scrub (and scrub and scrub) walls of puppy nursery/whelping box which are covered with yucky stuff using puppy safe sanitizer and once a week (at least) with a steam-cleaner
  • replace all our puppies in their nursery box
  • throw away (the now soiled) newspaper in the puppies’ temporary pen
  • sanitize the plastic puppy baby-sitter temporary pen with safe cleanser
  • tie off and throw away trash bag full of yucky stuff
  • wash our hands

Seems like a lot of steps, right? It doesn’t take a horrific amount of time, but it isn’t exactly a 5 minute job, either. Now that our puppies are weaning we have a very busy set routine each morning that does take a lot of time (but is completely necessary). I thought I’d share our morning routine and then share some pictures, too.

So here is the morning routine:

  1. greet puppies and let adult dogs outside to potty
  2. change filthy puppy papers and underlying pads (steps listed above)
  3. Prepare and then feed the puppies their breakfast
  4. feed the grown up dogs their breakfast (after letting them back inside)
  5. hand wash puppy feeding bowls/pans in hot soapy water and leave to air dry
  6. Go and survey the “damage” from breakfast
  7. Every other day a full puppy bath/groom/dry is required to keep the puppies from being unacceptably filthy (every single day would be preferable, to be honest, maybe even twice a day, but that wouldn’t be good for our puppies’ skin)
  8. clean the puppy box all over again because it is disgusting again. Really. Only omit replacing the underlying soaker pads until half-way through the day.

Now this is quite time-consuming as you can imagine. I am not terribly fussy when it comes to our puppies, either. I just want to prevent our home from smelling completely like puppy poo. And even with a routine like this (followed by a box cleaning every three hours and before as well as after every single meal) my  house still mostly smells like puppy poop when we have a litter. This is particularly not-fun when one is pregnant!

The worst and most time-consuming box cleaning is done first thing in the morning (naturally) and all box cleanings thereafter aren’t nearly as bad. But oh-that first morning mess. Whew! How can something so little and so adorable make such a disgusting mess?  This seems to be a common thought of mine when it comes to baby things in my home.

So if you every find yourself wondering why many breeders refrain from posting photographs of their puppies this is very probably why. Puppies over the age of about 5 weeks require a bath prior to picture time… and forget trying to photograph them in their nursery.

Here are some photos of our sweet little just-beginning-to-wean puppies. In these photos our puppies have been fully cleaned and then fed their meal and are ready for another cleaning. If you’re wondering how messy a puppy pen could possibly get in the 10 minute span between placing them into a completely clean and dry environment and then offering them a little food… well, here you go. And in case you’re wondering these photos are an extremely clean example.

messy babies 025 messy babies 024 messy babies 023

So what exactly is all of that on the floor? It is mostly liquid from their food bowl. They put their feet into their food, the little turkeys, but you know what most animals that walk the earth do right after eating… and baby dogs are no exception. Some of this moisture is waste, too.

messy babies 022 messy babies 021

What is the yucky stuff on the walls? Probably a lovely combination of food and poomessy babies 016 messy babies 017 messy babies 018

I ate, I peed and pooped and now I will nap.messy babies 019 messy babies 020 messy babies 015

Oh, all that food just tuckers them right out. I hate waking them to move them and clean but I can’t let them sleep on that wet paper and on food and poo smeared walls!!messy babies 014 messy babies 013 messy babies 012

Yes, thank you Pistachio. Wrestle with Kola and get him to roll around in the mess.messy babies 011 messy babies 001

This was a little earlier in the meal. I tried so hard to catch the moment but I missed it. Cocoa was asleep with her face in the food bowl. Now she has her little tongue sticking out like “what? I was totally awake. I was just resting my eyes. See? I’m eating.”messy babies 007 messy babies 008

Look at the playful-puppy paw swipe from miss Shea. Adorable.messy babies 009 messy babies 010 messy babies 056 messy babies 055 messy babies 054 messy babies 053 messy babies 052 messy babies 051 messy babies 032 messy babies 031 messy babies 030 messy babies 029 messy babies 028 messy babies 027 messy babies 026

This is the morning after a bath so the little devils will skip a bath for now and just get a cleaned out pen before being permitted to take a nap. Then we’ll wake up and potty and play a little before we eat again!

Puppy Bath Time

What a crazy week it has been here! I’m normally pretty busy but this week has seen me unable to even answer most emails! But you know what they say, busy is best and time flies when you’re having fun so it can’t be all bad to always be running around, right? Unfortunately my back decided to hurt me really bad this week and so it has been a bit tough but I’m feeling lots better now and ready to post the pictures I’ve been taking!!

Baby humans and baby dogs can’t wait when a back has decided to quit on a Mama, so all the extra (and really fun stuff) like posting and corresponding tends to drop off in order to allow me to do things slowly (like an old, old lady). But I’m feeling very blessed that I have many little helping hands here and I have been able to joyfully get all the most important things done around here this week (like puppy play time and kiddo meal time!!)

Rosie’s litter has had several baths at this point and these photos are not from their first ever bath. But you will love them anyway because soggy wet to fluffy dry puppies are adorable no matter when the pictures are taken. 🙂 This group is great and I have had no problems training them to accept bathing, grooming, nail clipping and drying etc. They are a very sweet bunch mostly intent on chewing on me or giving tons of kisses and snuggles. You’d think they dry pups would scatter when I’m drying one of their wet siblings but they don’t mind the noise one tiny bit and they all work hard to climb on me and get my attention.

Here are some wet puppy photos for you (before we move on to individual shampoo and dry pictures)

bathtime 063 bathtime 064

It doesn’t take long before they all huddle in the center and hang out together like one wet mass of puppy

bathtime 147 bathtime 148 bathtime 149 bathtime 150

Now we’re done shampooing the puppies and it is time for a nice, warm rinse. Marzipan and Praline had their swimming instincts down, they definitely tried paddling their little feet when the sprayer was on their backs. Air-paddling puppies are incredibly adorable. I’m excited to see these guys in the pool today!!

bathtime 204 bathtime 205 bathtime 213 bathtime 212 bathtime 210 bathtime 209

Here is a paddling Praline. She’s a natural-born shower-swimmer 🙂

bathtime 207 bathtime 215 bathtime 218 bathtime 219 bathtime 220

 Ok, on to the individual puppy pictures! Click on the puppy you want to see or you can start with puppy #1 and continue through them all (which is my favorite thing to do)

Our Girls (hey, ladies first fellas)






Our Boys






Thanks for viewing our sweethearts 🙂


Cocoa’s Bath

Here is our little black and tan sweetheart. She is going to make one handsome little boy a very happy new buddy in just a few short weeks. Cocoa is a very affectionate puppy and will stop at virtually nothing to snuggle me and give kisses. She is impossible not to love. Her phantom markings are really coming in so nicely and she is going to look like this adorably fluffy Rottweiler when she is an adult.

Cocoa had her DNA test done for her coat and she will be bearded. You can begin to tell that she will be bearded right about now if you look carefully at her face. She has a gorgeous wavy coat already, too (although curl does not affect whether or not a pup has a beard or not).

Shampoo Time!

Look carefully below and you’ll see a teeny tongue sticking out of that cute mouth

Cocoa Bath (11) Cocoa Bath (10) Cocoa Bath (9)