Hazel’s Girls at 8 Weeks Old

Both these lovely ladies will be having future litters for me and I have to say I am very excited! Our little chocolate smoothie has been named Hufflepuff by her guardian family and soon she will be living there with them. She will be living with her Mama! It will be so nice for Hazel to have a young and energetic playmate to share her very large homestead with. Hopefully Hazel will teach Huffy not to chase the chickens! One thing is for certain, Hufflepuff is going to have many loving little arms around her soon and she will be a very loved little lady.

And for our other little girl, Sarah, she will be staying here with us to be a future mommy. She has just the sweetest little face you could ever imagine a puppy could possibly have. She is bearded (unlike her sister Hufflepuff) and like her Mama she will be able to have puppies of every color. I am sure in a year and a half or so little Sarah will make a wonderful mother, just like her Mother was to her. In the meantime we will be enjoying training her and getting to know her and learn what amazing traits and qualities she will be bringing to our babies here.\

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