10 Day Old Pictures

Bluebell’s babies are about 2 weeks old and their eyes had just opened the day I took these photos (a couple days ago)! They are learning to stand but are not quite standing yet and they are taking their very first shaky steps. Its amazing how in just 4 short weeks they will grow from these tiny infants that can barely stand to confidently bounding puppies, eager to lick hands and chase toys. Its really amazing!

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Patches is our little tri-colored blue merle boy. He is pretty adorable. And it seems like he is going to have one blue eye like his Mama, which is pretty cool. He has some lovely chocolate-red color on his silvery face and on his paws and under  his tail as well, making him look like he has some phantom markings. He has a beautiful curl to his coat and will definitely be a curly little man.


Pirate is our blue-merle boy with the adorable half-black face. He really does have such a sweet face that I pretty much want to kiss all day long. Look at his face and tell me you don’t want to kiss that little nose! He has a silky coat that has a very nice curl to it and he will also definitely be a curly little man.

Polly is our big puppy in this litter. Fatter, rounder features mean she favors the cocker spaniel bone structure like her father Jake. She is pudgy and very interested in eating. The rest of the time she is content to lay down wherever she finds herself. She seems to be a very easy going puppy. Her chocolate merle pattern is beautiful and I am really excited to see how she looks as she matures.


Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures! Excited to post more soon as these little babies start moving around and really opening those sweet eyes.

Bluebell’s Litter Announcement

Bluebell had her very first litter of puppies. Blue is a little dog so it is fitting that her first litter be little like her. We only have three little babies in this litter. All three puppies are merle, which is really pretty cool since getting a merle in this litter was about a 33% chance per puppy. The two male puppies are blue merles like Bluebell and the one female puppy is a chocolate merle. They are average sized puppies despite the litter itself being small although it is clear that our little girl is the biggest puppy in the litter and takes after their daddy Jake. Enjoy our newborn photos!

Our first little boy we are calling “Patches” here he is. He has some tan points making him a tri-color and he has a cute little chocolate patch on his hip.

Our second born little boy we are calling “Pirate” because he has an adorable black patch over one eye (like a Pirate eye patch according to our resident 3 year old pirate expert).

Our last born baby was a female chocolate merle we are calling “Polly”. She is a rolly-polly little thing and already showing that she is an easy going puppy just like her daddy.

Since I’m late in getting these photos posted I will be posting their 10 day old pictures shortly! 🙂

Shea at 4 Days

Shea is a beautiful black girl with a little patch of white on her chest and another on her throat. She weighed 8.1 ounces on day 4, which makes her a good sized puppy in this litter and our biggest girl. Apparently I scheduled our photo-shoot during lunchtime because little Shea decided I was the missing milk bar.

Shea - black (7) Shea - black (1) Shea - black (2) Shea - black (3) Shea - black (4) Shea - black (5) Shea - black (6)

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Mongongo at 4 Days

Our big blue merle boy Mongongo (maybe Mongo for short) weighed a whopping 10.8 ounces on day four. And since he is such a big fellow he was, naturally, hungry when it came time to take his photos. You can see him looking for something yummy in the blanket underneath him. He didn’t latch onto me, though, which is good.

Mongo has really lovely markings of silvery merle on a great tri-colored background. There are lovely wide white markings on his chest and a pretty white spot on top of his head. And I like this photo because it looks like he is saying “No pictures, please!!!”

Mongongo - blue (6)

Probably he was just thinking “hey, what is going on?” I wonder if it is frustrating for our little neonates as they are blind and deaf those first two weeks of life. He is a lovely boy as you can see:

Mongongo - blue (1) Mongongo - blue (2) Mongongo - blue (4) Mongongo - blue (5) Mongongo - blue (7) Mongongo - blue (9) Mongongo - blue (10) Mongongo - blue (11) Mongongo - blue (12) Mongongo - blue (13) Mongongo - blue (14) Mongongo - blue (15)

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