10 Day Old Pictures

Bluebell’s babies are about 2 weeks old and their eyes had just opened the day I took these photos (a couple days ago)! They are learning to stand but are not quite standing yet and they are taking their very first shaky steps. Its amazing how in just 4 short weeks they will grow from these tiny infants that can barely stand to confidently bounding puppies, eager to lick hands and chase toys. Its really amazing!

*Click on any photo to enlarge the photo*

Patches is our little tri-colored blue merle boy. He is pretty adorable. And it seems like he is going to have one blue eye like his Mama, which is pretty cool. He has some lovely chocolate-red color on his silvery face and on his paws and under  his tail as well, making him look like he has some phantom markings. He has a beautiful curl to his coat and will definitely be a curly little man.


Pirate is our blue-merle boy with the adorable half-black face. He really does have such a sweet face that I pretty much want to kiss all day long. Look at his face and tell me you don’t want to kiss that little nose! He has a silky coat that has a very nice curl to it and he will also definitely be a curly little man.

Polly is our big puppy in this litter. Fatter, rounder features mean she favors the cocker spaniel bone structure like her father Jake. She is pudgy and very interested in eating. The rest of the time she is content to lay down wherever she finds herself. She seems to be a very easy going puppy. Her chocolate merle pattern is beautiful and I am really excited to see how she looks as she matures.


Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures! Excited to post more soon as these little babies start moving around and really opening those sweet eyes.

Bluebell’s Litter Announcement

Bluebell had her very first litter of puppies. Blue is a little dog so it is fitting that her first litter be little like her. We only have three little babies in this litter. All three puppies are merle, which is really pretty cool since getting a merle in this litter was about a 33% chance per puppy. The two male puppies are blue merles like Bluebell and the one female puppy is a chocolate merle. They are average sized puppies despite the litter itself being small although it is clear that our little girl is the biggest puppy in the litter and takes after their daddy Jake. Enjoy our newborn photos!

Our first little boy we are calling “Patches” here he is. He has some tan points making him a tri-color and he has a cute little chocolate patch on his hip.

Our second born little boy we are calling “Pirate” because he has an adorable black patch over one eye (like a Pirate eye patch according to our resident 3 year old pirate expert).

Our last born baby was a female chocolate merle we are calling “Polly”. She is a rolly-polly little thing and already showing that she is an easy going puppy just like her daddy.

Since I’m late in getting these photos posted I will be posting their 10 day old pictures shortly! 🙂

Hazel’s Girls at 8 Weeks Old

Both these lovely ladies will be having future litters for me and I have to say I am very excited! Our little chocolate smoothie has been named Hufflepuff by her guardian family and soon she will be living there with them. She will be living with her Mama! It will be so nice for Hazel to have a young and energetic playmate to share her very large homestead with. Hopefully Hazel will teach Huffy not to chase the chickens! One thing is for certain, Hufflepuff is going to have many loving little arms around her soon and she will be a very loved little lady.

And for our other little girl, Sarah, she will be staying here with us to be a future mommy. She has just the sweetest little face you could ever imagine a puppy could possibly have. She is bearded (unlike her sister Hufflepuff) and like her Mama she will be able to have puppies of every color. I am sure in a year and a half or so little Sarah will make a wonderful mother, just like her Mother was to her. In the meantime we will be enjoying training her and getting to know her and learn what amazing traits and qualities she will be bringing to our babies here.\

8 Week Old Boys – Hazel’s Litter

Hazel’s babies are already 8 weeks old! Little Sweeper has gone on to his new home and our little chocolate beauty Hufflepuff is going to her new home this weekend as well! I can’t believe the time has flown by so quickly-but such is life with little ones. They grow up so fast. Don’t blink!

Here are the boys in a very quick photo shoot pre-shopping trip/training trip last night

Archie – our lovely little red boy. His short little legs just make me want to scoop him up and kiss him. His easy going “cuddle me” temperament makes him a real favorite in the litter for the kids. He is just a sweetie pie in every sense of the word. He is very patient and tolerant of rough toddler handling making him a pretty good representative of the breed. Archie fluffs out so much when he is blow-dried that I can hardly put him down after a blow out. I just want to gobble him up! So cute!

Sweeper – our little black and white tuxedo boy is on his way to NY in the lap of his new Mommy as I type this. He is going to be missed. He was our resident crier (there is always one in every litter). He likes to let the whole world know if he is lonesome and forlorn. He was such a loud little man that I spent a couple nights crate training him before he went home to help get that chore out of the way for his new family. He was up the entire night the first night. That is infrequent, actually, but this little man sticks to his guns! He got lots of encouragement and knew he wasn’t abandoned but it was one of those nights that I was thankful we don’t have neighbors all that near by. Haha. By nights 2 and 3 he was a crate-quiet little angel so he learns very fast! I hope he is a good boy for his new family tonight! I know one thing is for sure: he is going to be giving lots of kisses. He is a real kiss-giver. 🙂

And our final little man is Bentley. He is a handsome little guy and has grown up to be a good size. Not as short as Archie but not as big and beefy as Sweeper, but not the teeny little baby he started out as. Bentley has a beautiful build. He is nice and square and has gorgeous long legs. He has a beautiful bearded coat with just a perfect amount of curl. In fact it is pretty tough not to think Bentley is a perfect cockapoo (like his daddy) pretty much all the way around. Bentley is easy going and quiet but very curious. He is our resident explorer. While the others stay really close to my ankles, Bentley will trot around the yard without any hesitation. He has been taking some walks with me on a leash and has been very good about walking (whereas most new pups aren’t real keen on the leash to start). But Bentley is ready to see what the big, wide world has to offer. Especially when it offers people. Bentley is a people lover and will go out of his way to greet strangers any chance he gets. This little one will be easy to socialize.

Check out the pictures of Haze’s Girls at 8 Weeks (will be highlighted once the link is active)

Fancy Photos

A little while back we had a very talented photographer and a friend of mine Ann Marie Hess come and take photographs of all our dogs (and a few of our chickens too!) Since we had a litter of puppies here we couldn’t resist the opportunity to take some adorable puppy pictures too. Here are the shots!

Well that’s it for our puppy photo shoot. Now I’m off to do our 7 week temperament testing on this lovely litter. I can’t believe 8 weeks old and Mother’s Day is right around the corner!!

Hazel’s Puppies are Six Weeks Old

I can’t believe our little puppy variety pack has grown so very quickly! Time really flies when you’re having fun and it flies even faster when you’re joyfully busy.

These little babies have really grown both physically and mentally. They have learned to manipulate their toys, wrestle gently with one another, communicate properly with adult dogs and they’re learning to strike out on their own (in moderation) into the big, wide world. They’re learning basic problem solving when they get themselves into puppy trouble. And in general they’re adorable.

Today we had a gorgeous Saturday so we had a nice romp in the yard and I snatched my camera for an impromptu photo shoot (realizing I was quite a bit past due for a good post).

Here are our babies

Sweeper: our little black tuxedo baby is officially named Sweeper by his soon-to-be-adoring-family. It won’t  be long before he is home with them and getting tons of puppy kisses. His family came to meet the puppy crew and Sweeper made a clean-sweep of their hearts (awww… puppy puns. I love it) Check out the puppy eyelashes on these babies!

Bentley: our little golden-creme baby is getting so big! He is a nice, tall, squarely-built handsome man and he is friends with everyone. He has a beautiful family waiting to give him many years of love. Here he is (and more puppy eyelash pictures await)

Red Boy: Oh sweet little red boy with your adorable fluffy face and your short little baby legs! You are meeting your new family soon and they are going to love your kissy-and-calm nature. This little sweetheart has continued to be the most mellow, laid-back baby in the crew and he remains a favorite for his easy-going nature. And he has the longest red eyelashes you’ve ever seen.

Sarah: Sweet little Sarah will be staying here with us at Eden Orchards to grow up and hopefully pass all the requirements to be one of our Mama dogs. She is a pretty little thing with a lovely temperament.

Hufflepuff: Our sweet little chocolate girl is ready to go to the eager arms of the four children that love her. Just a little time left here with us before she’s off on the adventure that will be her life. She is the smooth-faced (non-bearded) puppy in our litter and she really rocks her sad-spaniel eyes. She is going to be such a handsome girl.

4 Weeks Old: Our Girls

Here are our lovely ladies from our Hazel/Jake litter. If you’d like to see our boys from this litter at this age group click HERE.

Our little black female is just adorable. She looks so teeny, tiny, petite and gentle but don’t let her sweet face fool you! This puppy is dynamite! She is ready to wrestle with all the other puppies and they usually are more inclined to sleep. She is so vibrant and full of life! I can’t wait to be able to take this little lovey out into the warm spring sunshine so her curious little mind can take in the world around her.

Click image to enlarge picture

Here is our chocolate girl. She is just as lovely as she can be. She has a broad, round head that shows her cocker spaniel heritage. She is the most inclined to play with her sister in the bunch and she is the first of her siblings to let out a nice little bark. She is adventurous and curious but mostly she is happy to hang out wherever she is put… after she has a good sniff around, that is.

Click image to enlarge picture


Four Week Pictures: Our Boys

Over the past several days I was able to snap some photos of our little sweet peas. Here are our boys (If you’d like to see photos of our girls in this age please click HERE)

Our big black tuxedo male is such a big fat man! I love this little puppy. He is so rolly-polly and cute. I guess I just have something for the big beefy boys. They’re so handsome! This guy is a mover and a shaker! He is not afraid to get up and get what he wants. He isn’t shy or anxious but bold, curious, intelligent and fun. What is it he seems to want most? Well you’d think the answer is food (considering he is such a rolly-polly man) but the answer is actually people cuddles. He spots you and that’s it. He will get to you. Over mountainous piles of pillows and across vast oceans of carpet this little guy will be stopped by nothing in his never ending quest for affection. I love it.

Click to enlarge photos

Our golden creme male is such a sweetheart. I’m not really sure there is a better word to describe this guy. He doesn’t seem to want a whole lot apart from giving everyone kisses and eating… and eating… and eating. This boy has mastered the bottle-feed. He can take several bottles of puppy custard in no time flat. He is a very mellow, relaxed puppy that seems pretty go-with-the-flow. He is more uneasy in certain circumstances than his big tuxedo brother, but he isn’t an anxious or nervous dog. He is very people oriented. Just look at his face. You can see his good nature right in his expression. In one picture I caught him falling asleep while standing up. Little cutie pie.

Click to enlarge photo

Our last little boy is our fiery red-head. What can I say about this guy? His face… oh.my.goodness. Just look at his face. He has the sweetest little puppy face ever. I just want to kiss him all day long. This guy is by far our most laid back puppy. He is low energy so far, just very content to stay put wherever he is plunked down. He is very easy going, gentle spirited. He does seem to be a bit disturbed by very loud, harsh noises so this isn’t the type of dog that should go home to an aggressive trainer… not that any of our puppies will ever see a home like that anyway 😉 Gentle as he is I hope that he will stay this way. His father is very gentle like this and it makes him just the perfect companion for small children. This little red boy has gentle written all over his sweet little face.

Click to enlarge pictures

Hazel’s First Litter

Here they are! Hazel’s very first litter. She had 5 very healthy puppies. 3 boys and 2 girls. Things have been busy around here but taking the time out of the daily grind to socialize and snuggle these babies has been the highlight of this month!

They have just began to open their eyes and take in the world around them. They have their ears opened now as well so they are learning the sounds around them now and accepting them as normal, not frightening. Now is the time to ensure the puppies are exposed to normal, everyday household noises. Children, other dogs barking, blenders, vacuums, televisions, thunderstorms and fireworks – these are just a few of the noises that our puppies will encounter while with us. We have a special program that exposes the pups to over 100 top quality recorded noises in a particular way that encourages the puppies to associate the sound with the warm, safe and wonderful home environment that they are being raised in. This increases the odds of having a steadfast, confident litter of puppies.

Our little guys are starting to stand all by themselves and are taking their very first steps. We’ve seen a few wagging tails (particularly our little black female) and we’ve heard a few adorable little barks! I love the first barks. They are truly adorable. Hopefully we can capture some on video to show soon!

Here are our two girls.

We have a sweet black girl with the tiniest bits of white gracing her chin (we call this a “milk chin”) and her toes. She has a very sweet face which belies her gentle nature. Black dogs are particularly difficult to photograph, so she is a girl you’ll have to meet in person to see her full appeal.


Here is a sweet little chocolate girl. So far her chocolate color is deep, like a bittersweet chocolate. She reminds me of her grandmother and her mother with her short nose and high brow. She has a very adorable little face.

And here is our adorable black male. He is the jock in the group, outweighing his brothers by a landslide and out muscling his sisters as well. Even our fat chocolate rolly polly girl cannot beat him for fat rolls of baby adorableness. Our black male has beautiful tuxedo markings. My two year old “helper” can be seen ominously reaching toward our unsuspecting fellow. 🙂 Our puppies come very well loved and cuddled. Before he is your baby, he is my baby. And also the baby of my babies! Ha. These guys are gently loved on by children of all ages from birth. Always supervise a small child (especially a toddler) with any animal for the safety of the animal, of course.


Here is our sweet little golden creme puppy. This color is such a pretty dusty golden, perhaps the color you might think of when you think of a golden retriever. He is our little guy, born to be the second smallest but has fallen into place as our most petite puppy. He is a very sweet little guy already. This little guy worms his way around the blankets until he finds a familiar little foot. He was blinking so sweetly at me after his nap that I couldn’t edit the number of photos down. Enjoy!

Here is our little red male. He will either be a red or a red creme. It is too early to tell. Coat changes appearance dramatically in the first 2-3 years of a cockapoo’s life, so that is another reason that it is a good idea to choose your dog for reasons other than initial coat color. We strive for colors that maintain their richness and depth of color but reds, chocolates and blacks can fade and silver as time goes on. Colors don’t “clear” (meaning finalize changing) until a dog is about 3 years old.

This is the litter announcement! Hope you’ve enjoyed our baby pictures and if we haven’t spoken and you’re on the waiting list for this litter please please email as you may have missed my email announcement that went out 2 weeks ago and/or I may have missed an email from you this week as I recieve literally hundreds of emails a week sometimes letters get lost 😦

Will post again soon and hope everyone is having a lovely Easter weekend.

Our Remaining Girls

Note: This post has been edited and about 75% of the original photos have been removed to conserve space on this website for future puppy photos. Content has not been edited, however.


Our Remaining Girls aren’t really remaining anymore. They’ve all gone to their new homes to begin the very next chapter in their puppy lives: training!

Praline and Cleo (from Autumn’s litter) are staying here with me for some training and if you’d like to follow along please look for my training logs on Eden Dog under the “Training” page or found under the subject training on the “Blog” page. Cleo will have her first training log posted tomorrow and Praline will have her first a few days after that. This week with Cleo has been lots of fun and I’m excited to start working with little Praline!

Here are some photos of the little ladies that were still at my house the other day:

Salty (Shea) is starting to show that she does not have a bearded face. Of course I cannot be sure since we don’t have a DNA test on her, but she does look a lot like she is missing the beard. She continues to have a gorgeous wavy coat with a soft, downy and fuzzy texture. A quiet puppy, Salty follows me around and skips the rough wrestling in favor of chewing dandelions or sitting in my toddler’s lap. Salty has a silly side-ways run that makes me laugh and reminds me of her father.


Betsy (Cocoa) is a little sweetie pie! She is quiet and happy-go-lucky but is also ready to wrestle and tussle with any of the others the second she gets a chance. She regularly beats up Mongo who is sort of a big teddy bear. She pounces around in the tall grass like a funny little cricket. She continues to be extremely people-oriented and wants to be anywhere we are. She still gets carried around by the toddler, half dangling and looks completely comfortable with that. She is such a friendly and sweet puppy it really was hard to say good-bye to her.



Oreo (Pistachio) is a very sweet, laid back little lady. She and Salty (Shea) hang out together a lot since Betsy (Cocoa) and Praline are often wrestling one another. Oreo is definitely a couch-potato kind of girl but she likes to hop behind Betsy (Cocoa) in the grass and she did ferociously attack a dandelion yesterday. I’m sure the other dandelions will think twice before moving in the breeze around her! Oreo is our quietest puppy. I don’t think I’ve heard a whole lot of vocalizations from her at all. It will be interesting to know if she finds her voice at her new home after Saturday. *Note* I heard a little bit of a whine from her today and I was surprised it was her! Turned out she needed to go potty so I took her outside (out of the nursery under the stairs where they were napping) and she promptly went potty! Yay! Good girl!



Praline is our go-go-go puppy. She is small but mighty and always trying to get the others to join her on some adventure. She likes to explore but doesn’t want to do that alone. She reminds me of my toddler, always grabbing my hand and saying “follow me, Mommy”. Praline thoroughly enjoys our little walks and she pesters her siblings to wrestle whenever she gets the chance. She is a champion stuffed-squirrel “killer” and she has (I kid you not) attempted to climb several trees. She’s an impressive little sweetie pie with the face of an angel. For all her enthusiasm she is the only puppy who still can’t climb the front porch steps. That is right… she climbs trees but not the massive porch steps. She hops around and cries at us but she just doesn’t think she has what it takes to take on that challenge just yet. Oreo (Pistachio) is with her on that one, although Oreo has made it up the steps a few times before, she usually hangs back with Praline for a bit with a look on her face like “where is the elevator?” That or she’ll go under the porch steps and hunt for crickets.





Our Remaining Boys

Note: This post has been edited and about 75% of the original photos have been removed to conserve space on this website for future puppy photos. Content has not been edited, however.


Our Remaining Boys:

Mongo (went home yesterday morning, actually) has found his voice and most definitely is a people-doggy who does not want to be left alone to be in canine companionship alone. He can set up such a very sad sounding little howl when I walk away from the puppy play-yard. As adorable as it truly is I realize that his new family may not be as in love with Mongo’s voice as he is. To give them a head start in crate training I began his crate training over the past three days. I have separated him from his siblings for a few short naps in a crate to help him get used to being separated from people and other puppies.

Take a look at the post Crate Training Crying Puppies  I employ a bit of this training to any puppies that begin showing signs of being a tad whiney in this area. Our first baby was Marzipan, who quickly stopped unnecessary crying and is now one of the quietest puppies (well he just went home a few minutes ago. So now he is someone else’s quiet puppy). Then we employed a bit of training for Mongo.

With the extra early training he has learned that being alone isn’t such a scary thing and now his mournful and lonesome little voice is heard no more than his siblings. (And all puppies do some complaining and crying). Mongo’s voice is as big and strong as he is! No yappy noises for this man! He sounds bigger than he is! Which is funny because he is a big mush. He just wants a good belly rub and someone to follow all over the house. He will be very happy in his new home where he will have lovely little children to snuggle him to his hearts’ content and their parents who are going definitely going to be wrapped around his big-boy paw. He is such a big teddy bear.



Marzipan is getting more beautiful and golden every single day. He just went home a few minutes ago. So I guess I can’t call him “remaining” anymore either!!

He is such a sweet-natured little puppy and is so interested in snuggling he could pass on just about everything else… except food. He looks forward to meal time and eats with enthusiasm! He is a growing boy! If he can combine eating and snuggling then he is really in heaven. And I like so-called “food motivation” because it really helps with the training process. Soon he will be going to live with his Mommy and a new feline buddy. Marzipan is such a gentle little puppy that I have a feeling he is going to be good friends with his new kitty room mate. Marzipan can also set up a fuss when left in the playpen or in the nursery for the night. He hasn’t been as loud as Mongo, though, so I haven’t given him a lot of time in a crate alone.

Marzipan found a way to get himself underneath our porch the other day. He taught his siblings to do this as well. None were brave enough to give it a go except for Salty (Shea) who promptly got herself stuck under there. But I got her out without any issues. Since then all the puppies have gone under there a few times except for Salty – who has apparently had enough of going under there! She’s no dummy!



Farewell Photos

Note: This post has been edited and about 75% of the original photos have been removed to conserve space on this website for future puppy photos. Content has not been edited, however.


Well we are officially down to only 4 Rosie babies. Saturday our final 3 will be going home and I will have little Praline and little Cleo here with me for some training. And that is the end of our spring/summer 2014 litters! Time flew by so very quickly, didn’t it?

Maybe it doesn’t seem to fly by as fast when you’re on the “waiting for a puppy” end of things?

Filbert is now Milo and Kola is Bailey and they are settling into their new homes already. I wonder if their siblings have noticed the dwindling numbers of their crew? Perhaps. They’ve been especially snuggly lately.

Cocoa went home today with a new, Independence Day themed name, Betsy, and Mongo (who is staying Mongo because it is such a perfect name for him) was giving his new dad chin kisses before they made it to the car.

Our remaining puppies enjoyed the cool stay-inside and play rainy weather today. Here are some excellent photos of our puppies today!


I don’t want to make loading each page difficult due to tons of photos so I will break the pictures I have into a couple groups. Here are a few short “stories” told by photos that I took yesterday in the yard.



Coming Soon (more pictures)


Puppy Photo Stories

Note: This post has been edited and about 75% of the original photos have been removed to conserve space on this website for future puppy photos. Content has not been edited, however.

Taking puppy pictures results in capturing some really funny moments. Since I tend to rapid-fire take photos in order to get one good shot in 25 of squirmy babies I usually wind up getting a neat little story-board of puppy events. It is fun to be able to share some of these with you guys (when I can find the time). Unfortunately I woke up sick as a dog yesterday (where does that saying come from, anyway? My dogs are rarely sick. I am sick way more often. I wonder if they say ‘sick as a person’ when they fall ill?)

Due to being so incredibly ill I was not able to do the world’s greatest job uploading these little stories for you guys. But I’m here today to finish my posts (hopefully). Traffic is yucky out there so I find myself with a little time to spare.

So here are a few photo stories from the other day:

Story 1: Right, Left and in-between

Oh look! A child! Let’s go get a good snuggle!

around and in-between 1


All three little guys ran up to Evie to say hello… and then it was like they planned in advance. Instead of staying to get a pat they quickly divided up. You go on that side, you go on that side, and I’ll go right down the middle… it was pretty funny.

around and in-between 2


Story 2: Tree Climbing Puppies

Now I told you about our tree climbing little Praline.

*note* no, I didnt tell you about this. You’re not going nuts. This post was meant to be the second un a series but instead my sicky self only finished this one and posted it. Anyway Praline likes to climb trees.*

She got the idea from her brother Mongo. But he gave up. Not Praline, though. She went up the large trunks of several of our trees. Not exactly climbing like a bear but she is climbing better than I can! Admittedly I don’t climb trees very well.


Story 3: Rude little sister!!

Maybe Praline is still irritated with Mongo for giving up on their tree climb? I’m not sure. But taking this set of photos cracked me up.

Story 4: Cool Drink on a Hot Day

It was so very hot yesterday! The puppies were really enjoying their romps and walks with me in our yard. After a short time we offered them a nice, big bowl of cold water. I expected some thirsty puppies but the enthusiasm they show for food and water always makes me laugh.

Story 5: Puppy Love

And finally, after our water dish enjoyment, little miss Betsy (Cocoa) gave her sister Oreo (Pistachio) a mini bath. Very sweet sister moment. And serves you right, Oreo. You’re all wet from your swim in the water dish.


Time to Go Home!!

This is it! The puppies are officially ready for their new homes starting tomorrow, Tuesday July 1st! I have to admit that I’m equal parts happy and sad to see our babies go home. But mostly I’m happy for the wonderful families that I get to meet and get to know and who will have the next decade to love these little bundles of fur.

Of course it helps that I will be keeping little Praline here for training for the next few weeks. It definitely reduces the sadness since I won’t be completely bereft of little fuzzy sweethearts.

Email and let me know what times and days work for you (if we haven’t already hammered that down). Little Filbert (who is now Milo) and sweet little Kola are going to their new homes tomorrow! I can’t believe it has come up so very fast. Ah, being pregnant and therefore more emotional always makes puppy-go-home time just a little more bittersweet than usual.

But I know I’m going to get so many photos! (and if I don’t I will email you!) Please feel free to upload any (and all) pictures and updates of your gorgeous babies to our Facebook page. And/or email too! We have a lot of local puppies these two litters so it would be great if we could all stay in touch and have reunions. We’d love that. I can think of a beautiful spring day in the yard with the grill on and Eden dogs running around playing and lots of the wonderful people that I have gotten to know and become friends with talking and enjoying the weather and kids playing… sounds like a really nice day to me. 🙂


So I ask you… can you remember when your babies looked like this?

newborn (1)

newborn (10)

newborn (13)

2 weeks old (9)

2 weeks old (18)

2 weeks old (1)

2 weeks old (21)

Swimming Puppies

Summer here and puppy pick up is just a week away. Why not share your babies having a good splash in the pool? Here they are having their very first “real” swim. By real I mean in water deep enough to require swimming. Unless you’re Kola, who is so tall he can stand in our big-puppy pool. Doesn’t seem to matter to him that he can stand because he swims around then stands, then swims around again anyway 🙂

The puppies have had two practice swims which are basically an introduction to deep water. This is about up to their little chests and done in groups to allow lots of playing and splashing in a positive way.

Our first four “real” swims are done one at a time so that we can teach each baby how to exit the water when they want to and so we can make sure no one goes (and stays) under the water and so we can make sure no one panics but instead has a very positive experience. If you’d like your pup to enjoy swimming you’ll want to continue practicing with him or her. The sooner the better. Get a cheap little plastic pool at any big box type store and fill it with water (and let it sit in direct sunshine for a couple of hours to get a little warm). Take your puppy swimming! If you have access to a real pool or lake or other body of water then get right in and take your little guy in with you!

Practice goes like this:

  • we lower our puppy slowly into the water, sinking just enough to get the puppy to begin paddling.
  • We hold the paddling puppy there for a couple of minutes to let him/her get comfortable with the whole thing.
  • Then we slowly slower the puppy fully into the water and let him/her paddle out of our hands.
  • Then we encourage the puppy (by calling them and clapping our hands) to come to the side of the pool with a ramp to exit.
  • We take them out when they reach the exit if they attempt to exit. If they do not exit but turn around (usually what they do) we will call them to the other side where there are stairs.
  • We take the puppy out for a rest after the puppy reaches the stairs.
  • Then we lower the puppy in and repeat the whole process about two more times before we stop the puppy for some sun, a towel, a snack and usually a nap!


In an effort to get these posts actually up and online for you guys I decided not to put any words in the posts but just get the photos out to you. Enjoy your babies!