Time to Go Home!!

This is it! The puppies are officially ready for their new homes starting tomorrow, Tuesday July 1st! I have to admit that I’m equal parts happy and sad to see our babies go home. But mostly I’m happy for the wonderful families that I get to meet and get to know and who will have the next decade to love these little bundles of fur.

Of course it helps that I will be keeping little Praline here for training for the next few weeks. It definitely reduces the sadness since I won’t be completely bereft of little fuzzy sweethearts.

Email and let me know what times and days work for you (if we haven’t already hammered that down). Little Filbert (who is now Milo) and sweet little Kola are going to their new homes tomorrow! I can’t believe it has come up so very fast. Ah, being pregnant and therefore more emotional always makes puppy-go-home time just a little more bittersweet than usual.

But I know I’m going to get so many photos! (and if I don’t I will email you!) Please feel free to upload any (and all) pictures and updates of your gorgeous babies to our Facebook page. And/or email too! We have a lot of local puppies these two litters so it would be great if we could all stay in touch and have reunions. We’d love that. I can think of a beautiful spring day in the yard with the grill on and Eden dogs running around playing and lots of the wonderful people that I have gotten to know and become friends with talking and enjoying the weather and kids playing… sounds like a really nice day to me. 🙂


So I ask you… can you remember when your babies looked like this?

newborn (1)

newborn (10)

newborn (13)

2 weeks old (9)

2 weeks old (18)

2 weeks old (1)

2 weeks old (21)

2 thoughts on “Time to Go Home!!

  1. We would love a reunion! The kids loved visiting your place and it isn’t that far, especially without shore traffic! I’d love to be able to bring Salty back whenever we travel for a week at a time knowing that she’s well taken care of and “home” in a way! For sure we will see you the first week of September. After that it’s Christmas/New Year if you can do that…..

    I’ll talk to my husband and figure out when we’ll be down to pick up Salty. Timing everything with shore traffic on holiday weekend is going to be key! It will be Saturday – perhaps late morning. Does that work?

    Sweet Kola – he was a favorite of mine for sure! And Praline. But we are absolutely in love with our Salty dog and can’t wait to bring her home! Crate ordered, toys and grooming things bought, dig sitter employed. Now just food (I need to join costco!) and I need to find a good trainer. Would love your recommendations…….

    How is Salty? Any new observations on her character? You wondered too if she will indeed be bearded….what do you think? Can’t wait 🙂

    And for you, you must be breathing a sigh of relief in some ways. Now you can focus on you and your new baby girl and get some well deserved rest!


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  2. Reunions sound terrific! Milo is home and happy. Energetically played with his brand new toys, took a quick little swim in the little plastic pool yesterday afternoon (those paddling instincts kicked in as soon as his feet touched the water!) and really wants lots of cuddling, which he is getting. He did a little bit of crying last night — missing those litter mates – -but finally settled down to sleep. Our adult son, who lives in an apartment nearby, couldn’t wait to meet Milo, and when he came over, summed it up for all of us. “I know all puppies are cute, but even by that standard, this one seems especially cute,” he said. My neighbor, who knows a lot about dogs, was visiting, and declared Milo to be an especially calm and agreeable puppy- I think it was all that early socialization and stimulation! I know all the families of Rosie’s puppies are in for lots of fun. Thanks again for all your hard work. 🙂

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