Puppy Photo Stories

Note: This post has been edited and about 75% of the original photos have been removed to conserve space on this website for future puppy photos. Content has not been edited, however.

Taking puppy pictures results in capturing some really funny moments. Since I tend to rapid-fire take photos in order to get one good shot in 25 of squirmy babies I usually wind up getting a neat little story-board of puppy events. It is fun to be able to share some of these with you guys (when I can find the time). Unfortunately I woke up sick as a dog yesterday (where does that saying come from, anyway? My dogs are rarely sick. I am sick way more often. I wonder if they say ‘sick as a person’ when they fall ill?)

Due to being so incredibly ill I was not able to do the world’s greatest job uploading these little stories for you guys. But I’m here today to finish my posts (hopefully). Traffic is yucky out there so I find myself with a little time to spare.

So here are a few photo stories from the other day:

Story 1: Right, Left and in-between

Oh look! A child! Let’s go get a good snuggle!

around and in-between 1


All three little guys ran up to Evie to say hello… and then it was like they planned in advance. Instead of staying to get a pat they quickly divided up. You go on that side, you go on that side, and I’ll go right down the middle… it was pretty funny.

around and in-between 2


Story 2: Tree Climbing Puppies

Now I told you about our tree climbing little Praline.

*note* no, I didnt tell you about this. You’re not going nuts. This post was meant to be the second un a series but instead my sicky self only finished this one and posted it. Anyway Praline likes to climb trees.*

She got the idea from her brother Mongo. But he gave up. Not Praline, though. She went up the large trunks of several of our trees. Not exactly climbing like a bear but she is climbing better than I can! Admittedly I don’t climb trees very well.


Story 3: Rude little sister!!

Maybe Praline is still irritated with Mongo for giving up on their tree climb? I’m not sure. But taking this set of photos cracked me up.

Story 4: Cool Drink on a Hot Day

It was so very hot yesterday! The puppies were really enjoying their romps and walks with me in our yard. After a short time we offered them a nice, big bowl of cold water. I expected some thirsty puppies but the enthusiasm they show for food and water always makes me laugh.

Story 5: Puppy Love

And finally, after our water dish enjoyment, little miss Betsy (Cocoa) gave her sister Oreo (Pistachio) a mini bath. Very sweet sister moment. And serves you right, Oreo. You’re all wet from your swim in the water dish.


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