Rosie Had Eight Beautiful Babies!

On the afternoon of the 13th Rosie blessed us with one little puppy. And about an hour later we had another. And so the day went until evening fell and finally by bedtime for my kiddos sweet Rosie was completely done delivering!

And here I am at 2:18 am on the 15th to tell you that we have 8 beautiful, healthy little babies from our sweet Rosie! We are very excited to have more Rosie-babies in the house after a long year and a half wait! Rosie is doing very well and as always is a fantastic mother to her pups.

We have five beautiful merle puppies and three little black puppies with tan markings. Two have clear and distinct phantom markings and one is mostly a sleek black with very little tan to be seen thus far. Phantom puppies develop their markings over time so it is always fun to watch them grow and change and develop their lovely coloring, reminiscent of a rottweiler only on a teddy-bear face!

We have four little boys and four little girls in this litter. We haven’t had time to establish our names for this litter yet, it has been a very busy last two days here! But I hope to be on here tomorrow with another post and appropriate little names for the sweeties for while they are entrusted in my care.

So now, pictures!! Unfortunately I was not able to take photos in the daylight and dark colored animals are quite difficult to capture on film without abundant natural sunlight. But I figured any pictures were better than no pictures, right? And surely you won’t mind having a second set of photos in some natural sunlight in a day or so 🙂 Of course you won’t mind!

Here are our three little black puppies. They truly look like little newborn bear cubs when they are so little, don’t they? I never think they quite look like puppies until about 2.5 weeks. Until then they are these sweet little bear-pups. Our black male has very nice phantom markings already and he weighed 6.6 oz at birth and has some pretty white markings on his tummy and chest, too. First is our little handsome black male:

phantom male (5) phantom male (2) phantom male (3) phantom male (4)

And here are all three of them:

three black beauties (1) three black beauties (2) three black beauties (4) three black beauties (5) three black beauties (6)


And here are the two black females. One is a bit bigger and she is mostly black with very faint tan markings at all and a small bit of white on her chest. She weighed 5.9 oz at birth. Our other female is our bitty baby and she has very striking phantom markings already and I’m excited to watch them develop. She was 4.8 oz at birth. Here we have our jet black female using her smaller phantom sister as a pillow 🙂

black girls (1) black girls (2) black girls (3)

Don’t let my poor photography skills fool you, our jet black female has a coat like silk. It is softer and shinier and sleeker than it looks in these photos. It will probably have just the perfect amount of curl by the time the curl starts developing (which isn’t for a few weeks yet unless we have a very super curly puppy). Here is her face up close (you can see a touch of tan on her cheeks)

black girl (2) black girl

And here are some pictures of our little phantom darling:

phantom girl (2) phantom girl (3) phantom girl (7) phantom girl (8)

Newborn puppies are born with their eyes closed until day 10-14 or so. But they also don’t have their little ears open! Here is a photo of what their sweet little ears look like before they open up to hear the noisy world around them (our little phantom girl is our model – and you can see by my hands how very tiny she is. Keep in mind that I have little hands, too!)

phantom girl (10)

And then we have our two merle females. One appears to be a blue merle and the other a sable merle. It is pretty hard to tell this early on, though, as sable is another one of those copper-based developing colors. I have given our blue merle lady a blue collar (well, at some point I did that). Our blue-collared blue merle girl weighed 6.1 oz at birth:

merle girls (1) merle girls (2) merle girls (3) merle girls (4) merle girls (5) merle girls (6) merle girls (7)


And here are a couple of our little sable merle female. She weighed in at 5.0 oz at birth:

sable merle female (2) sable merle female (3)You’ll be scrolling down to the ends of the earth by the time I load on all the pictures! Forgive me as it is now 3:01 am and I am simply wiped out. But I really wanted to get these up for you (is this dedication or what?)

We have three merle males. One is a sable merle and you can readily identify him since he is darker than the other two boys. He weighed 7.0 oz even at birth. Then we have our BIG guy this litter. He is a blue merle and is wearing a blue yarn collar. He was a whopping 8.0 oz at birth and then we have little boy blue-merle. He weighed only 5.6 oz at birth. Here are some photos of the sable merle male:

sable merle male (3) sable merle male (4) sable merle male (1) sable merle male (2)

And here is our blue-collared blue merle (big boy):

blue boy merle (7) blue boy (1) blue boy (2) blue boy (3) blue boy merle (1) blue boy merle (2) blue boy merle (3) blue boy merle (5)

Don’t you love that little silver tipped tail?

And now we have our sweet little merle boy:

little merle boy (2) little merle boy (4) little merle boy (5) little merle boy (6) little merle boy (9) little merle male (2) little merle male (3) little merle boy (1)


And finally at 3:20 am I bid you good night with a few last pictures of our merle boys. Hope you enjoyed our pictures and I took new photos of Autumn’s babies too but I will have to post them after waking up (which will be dreadfully soon from now!)

merle males (1) merle males (8) merle males (9) merle males (10)


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6 thoughts on “Rosie Had Eight Beautiful Babies!

  1. Annette, They are gorgeous, too! You are incredible. You will certainly deserve a very relaxing summer after all these puppies! Joanne

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  2. This was a great email surprise this morning. They are gorgeous !! we were all late this morning, we could stop looking at the pictures. Yay Rosie !!

  3. Hi Annette, Congratulations again! I knew everything would work out for you and Rosie. The puppies are absolutely beautiful. I’m so happy for you. Linda

  4. Edens Rosie has blessed you with a gorgeous litter of sweet pups!! Congrats to you and your family for the miracle of life!!

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