Hazel’s Puppies are Six Weeks Old

I can’t believe our little puppy variety pack has grown so very quickly! Time really flies when you’re having fun and it flies even faster when you’re joyfully busy.

These little babies have really grown both physically and mentally. They have learned to manipulate their toys, wrestle gently with one another, communicate properly with adult dogs and they’re learning to strike out on their own (in moderation) into the big, wide world. They’re learning basic problem solving when they get themselves into puppy trouble. And in general they’re adorable.

Today we had a gorgeous Saturday so we had a nice romp in the yard and I snatched my camera for an impromptu photo shoot (realizing I was quite a bit past due for a good post).

Here are our babies

Sweeper: our little black tuxedo baby is officially named Sweeper by his soon-to-be-adoring-family. It won’t  be long before he is home with them and getting tons of puppy kisses. His family came to meet the puppy crew and Sweeper made a clean-sweep of their hearts (awww… puppy puns. I love it) Check out the puppy eyelashes on these babies!

Bentley: our little golden-creme baby is getting so big! He is a nice, tall, squarely-built handsome man and he is friends with everyone. He has a beautiful family waiting to give him many years of love. Here he is (and more puppy eyelash pictures await)

Red Boy: Oh sweet little red boy with your adorable fluffy face and your short little baby legs! You are meeting your new family soon and they are going to love your kissy-and-calm nature. This little sweetheart has continued to be the most mellow, laid-back baby in the crew and he remains a favorite for his easy-going nature. And he has the longest red eyelashes you’ve ever seen.

Sarah: Sweet little Sarah will be staying here with us at Eden Orchards to grow up and hopefully pass all the requirements to be one of our Mama dogs. She is a pretty little thing with a lovely temperament.

Hufflepuff: Our sweet little chocolate girl is ready to go to the eager arms of the four children that love her. Just a little time left here with us before she’s off on the adventure that will be her life. She is the smooth-faced (non-bearded) puppy in our litter and she really rocks her sad-spaniel eyes. She is going to be such a handsome girl.

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