Four Week Pictures: Our Boys

Over the past several days I was able to snap some photos of our little sweet peas. Here are our boys (If you’d like to see photos of our girls in this age please click HERE)

Our big black tuxedo male is such a big fat man! I love this little puppy. He is so rolly-polly and cute. I guess I just have something for the big beefy boys. They’re so handsome! This guy is a mover and a shaker! He is not afraid to get up and get what he wants. He isn’t shy or anxious but bold, curious, intelligent and fun. What is it he seems to want most? Well you’d think the answer is food (considering he is such a rolly-polly man) but the answer is actually people cuddles. He spots you and that’s it. He will get to you. Over mountainous piles of pillows and across vast oceans of carpet this little guy will be stopped by nothing in his never ending quest for affection. I love it.

Click to enlarge photos

Our golden creme male is such a sweetheart. I’m not really sure there is a better word to describe this guy. He doesn’t seem to want a whole lot apart from giving everyone kisses and eating… and eating… and eating. This boy has mastered the bottle-feed. He can take several bottles of puppy custard in no time flat. He is a very mellow, relaxed puppy that seems pretty go-with-the-flow. He is more uneasy in certain circumstances than his big tuxedo brother, but he isn’t an anxious or nervous dog. He is very people oriented. Just look at his face. You can see his good nature right in his expression. In one picture I caught him falling asleep while standing up. Little cutie pie.

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Our last little boy is our fiery red-head. What can I say about this guy? His face… Just look at his face. He has the sweetest little puppy face ever. I just want to kiss him all day long. This guy is by far our most laid back puppy. He is low energy so far, just very content to stay put wherever he is plunked down. He is very easy going, gentle spirited. He does seem to be a bit disturbed by very loud, harsh noises so this isn’t the type of dog that should go home to an aggressive trainer… not that any of our puppies will ever see a home like that anyway 😉 Gentle as he is I hope that he will stay this way. His father is very gentle like this and it makes him just the perfect companion for small children. This little red boy has gentle written all over his sweet little face.

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