Hazel’s First Litter

Here they are! Hazel’s very first litter. She had 5 very healthy puppies. 3 boys and 2 girls. Things have been busy around here but taking the time out of the daily grind to socialize and snuggle these babies has been the highlight of this month!

They have just began to open their eyes and take in the world around them. They have their ears opened now as well so they are learning the sounds around them now and accepting them as normal, not frightening. Now is the time to ensure the puppies are exposed to normal, everyday household noises. Children, other dogs barking, blenders, vacuums, televisions, thunderstorms and fireworks – these are just a few of the noises that our puppies will encounter while with us. We have a special program that exposes the pups to over 100 top quality recorded noises in a particular way that encourages the puppies to associate the sound with the warm, safe and wonderful home environment that they are being raised in. This increases the odds of having a steadfast, confident litter of puppies.

Our little guys are starting to stand all by themselves and are taking their very first steps. We’ve seen a few wagging tails (particularly our little black female) and we’ve heard a few adorable little barks! I love the first barks. They are truly adorable. Hopefully we can capture some on video to show soon!

Here are our two girls.

We have a sweet black girl with the tiniest bits of white gracing her chin (we call this a “milk chin”) and her toes. She has a very sweet face which belies her gentle nature. Black dogs are particularly difficult to photograph, so she is a girl you’ll have to meet in person to see her full appeal.


Here is a sweet little chocolate girl. So far her chocolate color is deep, like a bittersweet chocolate. She reminds me of her grandmother and her mother with her short nose and high brow. She has a very adorable little face.

And here is our adorable black male. He is the jock in the group, outweighing his brothers by a landslide and out muscling his sisters as well. Even our fat chocolate rolly polly girl cannot beat him for fat rolls of baby adorableness. Our black male has beautiful tuxedo markings. My two year old “helper” can be seen ominously reaching toward our unsuspecting fellow. 🙂 Our puppies come very well loved and cuddled. Before he is your baby, he is my baby. And also the baby of my babies! Ha. These guys are gently loved on by children of all ages from birth. Always supervise a small child (especially a toddler) with any animal for the safety of the animal, of course.


Here is our sweet little golden creme puppy. This color is such a pretty dusty golden, perhaps the color you might think of when you think of a golden retriever. He is our little guy, born to be the second smallest but has fallen into place as our most petite puppy. He is a very sweet little guy already. This little guy worms his way around the blankets until he finds a familiar little foot. He was blinking so sweetly at me after his nap that I couldn’t edit the number of photos down. Enjoy!

Here is our little red male. He will either be a red or a red creme. It is too early to tell. Coat changes appearance dramatically in the first 2-3 years of a cockapoo’s life, so that is another reason that it is a good idea to choose your dog for reasons other than initial coat color. We strive for colors that maintain their richness and depth of color but reds, chocolates and blacks can fade and silver as time goes on. Colors don’t “clear” (meaning finalize changing) until a dog is about 3 years old.

This is the litter announcement! Hope you’ve enjoyed our baby pictures and if we haven’t spoken and you’re on the waiting list for this litter please please email as you may have missed my email announcement that went out 2 weeks ago and/or I may have missed an email from you this week as I recieve literally hundreds of emails a week sometimes letters get lost 😦

Will post again soon and hope everyone is having a lovely Easter weekend.

3 thoughts on “Hazel’s First Litter

  1. Gorgeous!  I love the chocolate color.  I can attest to the changes.  Our predominantly black pup has bloomed into an array of colors. ..black, tan, silver and even some red like her dad. Love her no matter how she changes.  I’d love another!   My friend Deirdre Bracken should be contacting you about getting on your wait list.

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  2. Hi Annette,

    Happy Easter to you and your family. Hazel’s litter is just beautiful. I didn’t miss an email from you, did I?

    Thank you, Dawn Lloyd 973-222-4060 On Apr 5, 2015 1:31 PM, “Eden’s Puppies” wrote:

    > TheWholesomeHomemaker posted: “Here they are! Hazel’s very first > litter. She had 5 very healthy puppies. 3 boys and 2 girls. Things have > been busy around here but taking the time out of the daily grind to > socialize and snuggle these babies has been the highlight of this month! > They “

    • Hi Dawn,
      Maybe my email went to your spam folder! I was wondering why I didn’t hear back from you. Wishing I had gone through my comments sooner. Expecting merle babies from Rosie this summer (hopefully)

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