Our Remaining Girls

Note: This post has been edited and about 75% of the original photos have been removed to conserve space on this website for future puppy photos. Content has not been edited, however.


Our Remaining Girls aren’t really remaining anymore. They’ve all gone to their new homes to begin the very next chapter in their puppy lives: training!

Praline and Cleo (from Autumn’s litter) are staying here with me for some training and if you’d like to follow along please look for my training logs on Eden Dog under the “Training” page or found under the subject training on the “Blog” page. Cleo will have her first training log posted tomorrow and Praline will have her first a few days after that. This week with Cleo has been lots of fun and I’m excited to start working with little Praline!

Here are some photos of the little ladies that were still at my house the other day:

Salty (Shea) is starting to show that she does not have a bearded face. Of course I cannot be sure since we don’t have a DNA test on her, but she does look a lot like she is missing the beard. She continues to have a gorgeous wavy coat with a soft, downy and fuzzy texture. A quiet puppy, Salty follows me around and skips the rough wrestling in favor of chewing dandelions or sitting in my toddler’s lap. Salty has a silly side-ways run that makes me laugh and reminds me of her father.


Betsy (Cocoa) is a little sweetie pie! She is quiet and happy-go-lucky but is also ready to wrestle and tussle with any of the others the second she gets a chance. She regularly beats up Mongo who is sort of a big teddy bear. She pounces around in the tall grass like a funny little cricket. She continues to be extremely people-oriented and wants to be anywhere we are. She still gets carried around by the toddler, half dangling and looks completely comfortable with that. She is such a friendly and sweet puppy it really was hard to say good-bye to her.



Oreo (Pistachio) is a very sweet, laid back little lady. She and Salty (Shea) hang out together a lot since Betsy (Cocoa) and Praline are often wrestling one another. Oreo is definitely a couch-potato kind of girl but she likes to hop behind Betsy (Cocoa) in the grass and she did ferociously attack a dandelion yesterday. I’m sure the other dandelions will think twice before moving in the breeze around her! Oreo is our quietest puppy. I don’t think I’ve heard a whole lot of vocalizations from her at all. It will be interesting to know if she finds her voice at her new home after Saturday. *Note* I heard a little bit of a whine from her today and I was surprised it was her! Turned out she needed to go potty so I took her outside (out of the nursery under the stairs where they were napping) and she promptly went potty! Yay! Good girl!



Praline is our go-go-go puppy. She is small but mighty and always trying to get the others to join her on some adventure. She likes to explore but doesn’t want to do that alone. She reminds me of my toddler, always grabbing my hand and saying “follow me, Mommy”. Praline thoroughly enjoys our little walks and she pesters her siblings to wrestle whenever she gets the chance. She is a champion stuffed-squirrel “killer” and she has (I kid you not) attempted to climb several trees. She’s an impressive little sweetie pie with the face of an angel. For all her enthusiasm she is the only puppy who still can’t climb the front porch steps. That is right… she climbs trees but not the massive porch steps. She hops around and cries at us but she just doesn’t think she has what it takes to take on that challenge just yet. Oreo (Pistachio) is with her on that one, although Oreo has made it up the steps a few times before, she usually hangs back with Praline for a bit with a look on her face like “where is the elevator?” That or she’ll go under the porch steps and hunt for crickets.





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