Our Remaining Boys

Note: This post has been edited and about 75% of the original photos have been removed to conserve space on this website for future puppy photos. Content has not been edited, however.


Our Remaining Boys:

Mongo (went home yesterday morning, actually) has found his voice and most definitely is a people-doggy who does not want to be left alone to be in canine companionship alone. He can set up such a very sad sounding little howl when I walk away from the puppy play-yard. As adorable as it truly is I realize that his new family may not be as in love with Mongo’s voice as he is. To give them a head start in crate training I began his crate training over the past three days. I have separated him from his siblings for a few short naps in a crate to help him get used to being separated from people and other puppies.

Take a look at the post Crate Training Crying Puppies  I employ a bit of this training to any puppies that begin showing signs of being a tad whiney in this area. Our first baby was Marzipan, who quickly stopped unnecessary crying and is now one of the quietest puppies (well he just went home a few minutes ago. So now he is someone else’s quiet puppy). Then we employed a bit of training for Mongo.

With the extra early training he has learned that being alone isn’t such a scary thing and now his mournful and lonesome little voice is heard no more than his siblings. (And all puppies do some complaining and crying). Mongo’s voice is as big and strong as he is! No yappy noises for this man! He sounds bigger than he is! Which is funny because he is a big mush. He just wants a good belly rub and someone to follow all over the house. He will be very happy in his new home where he will have lovely little children to snuggle him to his hearts’ content and their parents who are going definitely going to be wrapped around his big-boy paw. He is such a big teddy bear.



Marzipan is getting more beautiful and golden every single day. He just went home a few minutes ago. So I guess I can’t call him “remaining” anymore either!!

He is such a sweet-natured little puppy and is so interested in snuggling he could pass on just about everything else… except food. He looks forward to meal time and eats with enthusiasm! He is a growing boy! If he can combine eating and snuggling then he is really in heaven. And I like so-called “food motivation” because it really helps with the training process. Soon he will be going to live with his Mommy and a new feline buddy. Marzipan is such a gentle little puppy that I have a feeling he is going to be good friends with his new kitty room mate. Marzipan can also set up a fuss when left in the playpen or in the nursery for the night. He hasn’t been as loud as Mongo, though, so I haven’t given him a lot of time in a crate alone.

Marzipan found a way to get himself underneath our porch the other day. He taught his siblings to do this as well. None were brave enough to give it a go except for Salty (Shea) who promptly got herself stuck under there. But I got her out without any issues. Since then all the puppies have gone under there a few times except for Salty – who has apparently had enough of going under there! She’s no dummy!



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