Puppy Bath Time

What a crazy week it has been here! I’m normally pretty busy but this week has seen me unable to even answer most emails! But you know what they say, busy is best and time flies when you’re having fun so it can’t be all bad to always be running around, right? Unfortunately my back decided to hurt me really bad this week and so it has been a bit tough but I’m feeling lots better now and ready to post the pictures I’ve been taking!!

Baby humans and baby dogs can’t wait when a back has decided to quit on a Mama, so all the extra (and really fun stuff) like posting and corresponding tends to drop off in order to allow me to do things slowly (like an old, old lady). But I’m feeling very blessed that I have many little helping hands here and I have been able to joyfully get all the most important things done around here this week (like puppy play time and kiddo meal time!!)

Rosie’s litter has had several baths at this point and these photos are not from their first ever bath. But you will love them anyway because soggy wet to fluffy dry puppies are adorable no matter when the pictures are taken. 🙂 This group is great and I have had no problems training them to accept bathing, grooming, nail clipping and drying etc. They are a very sweet bunch mostly intent on chewing on me or giving tons of kisses and snuggles. You’d think they dry pups would scatter when I’m drying one of their wet siblings but they don’t mind the noise one tiny bit and they all work hard to climb on me and get my attention.

Here are some wet puppy photos for you (before we move on to individual shampoo and dry pictures)

bathtime 063 bathtime 064

It doesn’t take long before they all huddle in the center and hang out together like one wet mass of puppy

bathtime 147 bathtime 148 bathtime 149 bathtime 150

Now we’re done shampooing the puppies and it is time for a nice, warm rinse. Marzipan and Praline had their swimming instincts down, they definitely tried paddling their little feet when the sprayer was on their backs. Air-paddling puppies are incredibly adorable. I’m excited to see these guys in the pool today!!

bathtime 204 bathtime 205 bathtime 213 bathtime 212 bathtime 210 bathtime 209

Here is a paddling Praline. She’s a natural-born shower-swimmer 🙂

bathtime 207 bathtime 215 bathtime 218 bathtime 219 bathtime 220

 Ok, on to the individual puppy pictures! Click on the puppy you want to see or you can start with puppy #1 and continue through them all (which is my favorite thing to do)

Our Girls (hey, ladies first fellas)






Our Boys






Thanks for viewing our sweethearts 🙂


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