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You know what? Rosie’s puppies need more pictures! What gives? Well this week is going to bring some very exciting posts for Rosie’s crew, as they are entering such an exciting age! They are starting to really walk well and be confident and active and playful. And boy, they are such a friendly little group!

With a visitor the other day Marzipan strolled up and promptly plopped himself on his back, waving his tummy around and inviting a belly rub. I have never seen such a young puppy do that before. It was so cute! And very clearly deliberate. He got his belly rub, no worries.

Thanks to my toddler son our visitor had every single puppy in Rosie’s litter placed in her lap (and part of Autumn’s before I finally insisted he stop). Seeing how beautifully they did with a visit with strangers I am so super excited to have people coming tomorrow to meet the little dolls.


filbert (13)

Coming This Week

what is going on? We have (drum-roll please) puppy pool time, first bath and groom, the Puppy Adventure box and gearing up for our Puppy University. I’ll explain, don’t I always? Probably a little too much. And the puppies are just beginning to wean. Not a ton but I believe by the end of the week we’ll have a great weaning session to document. I have a feeling this week will see me posting a lot on this site. Not that you guys mind, right? 🙂

I will be posting all the results from our Early Temperament Evaluations at the end of this week, as the evaluations are being done in a series throughout the week. I wrote up an important post about these evaluations last night (click link above)… I tried so very hard to keep the post as short as possible. Believe me, I must have edited for 3 hours straight and didn’t post until 2 am. I try so hard to keep it as brief as possible (my Mom’s number one criticism: “it is too long” she is also super impatient, though 😉

The post really does have some very important information so if you’re going to read our awesome temperament evaluations please take the time to read the post. I promise I believe in what I write down for you and feel it will help you and your baby.

Visiting Rules

Because there are always rules, aren’t there?

The rules are simple.

  • Do not visit any other litters of puppies the day you come to my house.
  • Do not visit any dog shelters the day you come to my house.
  • Do not visit any pet stores that sell puppies the day of or the day before you visit my house (or ever, because those places are just awful).
  • Do not visit any place with a veterinary hospital inside the day you visit my house.
  • Leave your shoes on the front porch, please.
  • Wash your hands upon entering the house.

This will be super easy for most of you, as the majority of the visitors are taking a puppy from me and are not still “shopping”. For those waiting on a future litter please do not risk our babies. You can’t imagine the enormous amount of heartache there will be in this home and in 16 other households should our precious puppies fall critically ill.


Helpful Tips

If you go down the driveway and you see a log house at the end of the driveway then you’re not in my driveway, you’re at my neighbor’s. You can turn around in his yard if you go forward, he has space and doesn’t mind the mix up.

Usually his clients come down my driveway by mistake (and they’re usually very large trucks) but sometimes we get a mix up the other way around. They’re the nicest people on earth so don’t worry one bit. Go down one more driveway and you’re at my house – which is a blue house with a white porch that desperately needs a paint job. I mean… it is rustic. (I’ll go with ‘rustic’ until I get around to sanding and paining that monster)

Try to park politely, so other cars can park too, please. You can park right in front of the house or back by the garage if you prefer. Doesn’t matter. Just don’t block the entrance to the driveway. It is a big loop driveway so you can park anywhere along that loop that you like, too.

Doggy Tips

Expect Mama dog to bark at you. She has a litter of puppies to protect and you’re a total stranger. She’s going to bark. Actually Rosie might not bark. Autumn will bark at you, then promptly make friends with you… Then after making friends Autumn will back up and bark at you again, just in case I didn’t hear her the first time… or in case I’m totally blind and can’t see the strangers right in front of me. She’s very considerate like that.

Ignore her completely and she’ll shush herself… until the next family shows up (or I banish her to the yard). It is a lot of people coming to the house at once and this is her first litter. Autumn is still at the stage of motherhood where she doesn’t prefer any visitors and makes everyone wash their hands five times and use hand sanitizer before they can look at the baby. No, you can’t hold him. He’s not ready to be held by strangers… Joking aside Autumn settles down and doesn’t mind anyone handling her babies at all and is quite friendly, too. But she has to sound the alarm… a few times… just so you know “she’s watching you”. She’s a good (and normal) first time Mama.

Rosie may or may not bark. This is not her first litter. She’s hit the stage of motherhood where you shove the new baby at your guests prior to their request, just so you can run to the bathroom and take a shower… never mind if your guest is a surprised UPS guy (Ok, I’m kidding. 5 kids or not I wouldn’t do that, I promise. But when Grandma gets here it’s on).

If Rosie does bark it will probably be due to Autumn’s barking. She wants to join in the fun too. Rosie will make friends right away.

Cockapoo Love


If you sit on the floor Rosie will try to get into your lap. She’ll be sneaky about it, so watch her. It will start with just coming over for a pat. Then she’ll sit a little closer to you. Then she’ll give you a paw. Then she’ll snuggle closer. And before you know it all your personal space is gone and Rosie is nose-to-nose with you, smiling and in doggy heaven. I know. It is rude doggy manners. That is a cockapoo for you. And she’s the Mama so I let her get away with a little extra rudeness for obliging us with mothering her beautiful offspring.

I will make her go lay down when we play with the puppies because otherwise she will attempt to hog all the attention and pets. She will say “Hey, don’t look at that puppy, look at me! See how cute I am? Please pet me! Pleeeease! I know we just met but I love you!”

Mama’s Looks

Please be kind when looking at our Mommies. They “blow their coats” after having a litter (much the same way a person Mommy loses a lot of hair after delivering a baby. And if you didn’t know that… oh yes.) Their coats will not be a shiny and the color will not be as rich, as it fades a lot after delivery. It takes a lot to grow all those new little lives and then Mother them for so long! Give her a break! If you pat Mama and happen to see some hair on your hands (not necessarily likely, though) that is why. It won’t happen to your spayed or neutered pet, so don’t worry.

Rosie and Autumn will have vibrant, rich and shiny coats before they think about their next litter. This is one of the reasons it is important not to breed the heck out of a Mama dog. She needs time and special nutrition to get back into condition!

What About Dad?

Dad’s is not allowed around the puppies. Mom won’t tolerate him near her babies. Sometimes males attack their puppies and Mama dogs know this instinctually and do not permit him near the litter until the litter is walking around confidently and very clearly recognizable as puppies (and not tiny, squirming and squeaking prey-animal look-alikes).

Dad will be out in the dog run with our other dogs. Hopefully the weather is nice and we can go out and visit if you’d like to. They’ll all be lined up at the gate watching the back door like “when she going to let us in? When she going to let us in? Come oooon Mom….” and that is why Cockapoos make terrible strictly-outdoor dogs. They love their people! They will run around and get some exercise out there and they’ll get lots of love before and after visit time, so don’t feel too bad for them. They’re not being tortured out there, I promise. Ignore those expectant little doggy faces!

What Should I Bring?

Bring a t-shirt or a pillowcase that you have slept on so that I can use it to help the puppy your puppy learn who you are and feel bonded to you before you even take him home. If you’re not visiting today please feel free to send a scrap of fabric via mail. Those flat-rate envelopes at the Post Office are pretty useful.

Please do not give me a massive amount of fabric.

Put your t-shirt or pillowcase scrap into a Ziploc bag and write your name on the bag! Important to do that or I might forget who belongs to what. It is also helpful to write your name directly on the fabric.

The rest is what not to bring. Please don’t bring stuff with you into the house like handbags and sweaters, etc. You might set it down and forget it when you leave. It is a long drive back for most of you to retrieve your stuff! Leave your stuff locked up in your cars and pocket those keys or clip ’em to your belt. I say this and yet every single time someone leaves something behind! Don’t leave your important stuff here!

You can bring a camera in with you, though. Please feel free to take pictures of your sweetie. Don’t set your camera down and forget it, though. That is an expensive accident!


Ok – See you on Saturday… and if not then I will be posting some great pictures soon, so standby 🙂

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