First Trip Outside for the Girls

Our puppies are 3.5 weeks old. They have a very solid handle on walking and their eyes are open and they are bright and alert. We are already getting barking and tail wagging out of this crew! They have developed very fast compared with our normal expected time frames and are showing a lot of intelligence and early social skills along with their advanced physical skills.

Today was a lovely, warm day and perfect for bringing the little sweethearts outside for their first trip to grass, plants, dirt and nature. The puppies seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves! I suppose it isn’t too surprising since they really loved the grass and herb filled scent jars earlier last week.

So without further ado here are some pictures of our girls! I decided to post only two posts for all these photos (one for girls and one for boys) but leave a comment below to tell me if you prefer a more organized one-post-per-puppy set up (which is certainly more organized and is simple to do – but also floods everyone with emails announcing posts.) I’d like to know what the parents of this litter like best. Comments below!

Cocoa our so-so-so pretty little black and tan phantom. She looks like a soft, curly, cuddly little rottweiler stuffed animal. She is extremely people oriented and friendly. She loves to give kisses and snuggle in laps. She is such a sweetheart!

pool and rosie 051

Mmm.m Cocoa is nibbling this thyme plant.

pool and rosie 056

Look at that coat! She is so soft and glossy and such a rich color. It is hard to find a coat as glossy and beautiful as a black coat with a texture like satin.

pool and rosie 057

Her pretty markings are developing so very nicely.

pool and rosie 040

Because Cocoa seeks people out specifically she gets a lot of cuddles. Look at how relaxed she is. She can be held, dangling like this (don’t worry – he doesn’t drop them and is very careful with them and always supervised). Cocoa will just dangle as comfortable as can be. I think she’s just happy to be in his chubby little arms.

pool and rosie 041

This is what happens when I ask the boy to smile for a picture.

pool and rosie 043

Cocoa gets a lot of kisses on that pretty little head of hers. And there she is still dangling and happy as a clam.

pool and rosie 044

Oh Cocoa!! I can’t take a picture of you without it being blurry because you won’t stop coming toward me! I try to snap pictures while continually backing away from my little friendly pal. Look at that happy tail. Pet me people-Mommy! I’m so happy to see you!

pool and rosie 049

Look at the gorgeous wave to that coat. So pretty!

pool and rosie 052 pool and rosie 054 pool and rosie 033 pool and rosie 034 pool and rosie 035 pool and rosie 036 pool and rosie 046 pool and rosie 047 pool and rosie 050


Pistachio is our blue merle baby girl. She definitely has one blue eye and it is soooo pretty. She has a lovely wavy-curly coat and she has a great fuzzy texture that is soft as cotton and reminds me of the fuzzy down on a newly hatched chick or duckling. She has a round, fat puppy belly still and short, curly ears that make her face look so very sweet and innocent. Pistachio is beautifully mellow. She loves to cuddle and generally stays wherever she is put. Content seems to be a great word to describe this little sweetheart.

Pistachio (21)

Look at those sweet ears and that great curly face! She is just as mellow and laid back as she looks. Waiting patiently for me to pet her little head. She loves having her ears scratched, too.

Pistachio (23)

She’ll just rest her sweet little head in my hand and close her eyes and fall asleep. She is such a little love.

Pistachio (24)

I could hold her sweet little chin all day long. She is just such a sweet pea!

Pistachio (5)

Pretty blue eye

Pistachio (6)

I love her rounded head and face. It will give her a beautiful teddy-bear face as an adult (which is generally the ideal cockapoo face)

Pistachio (9)

Hey! Where did you plop me now? And look at her pretty little white patch on her chest and lovely silver all up her neck and shoulder.

Pistachio (11)

Cockapoos are “stick” dogs. They love to play with sticks. Pistachio is no exception… although this stick proved to be a bit of a challenge for her little mouth! She gave it stellar effort, though!

Pistachio (12)

I love this photo. She has such a sweet disposition and you can see it on her face. And her colors are so very pretty.

Pistachio (22) Pistachio (1) Pistachio (2) Pistachio (3) Pistachio (4) Pistachio (7) Pistachio (8) Pistachio (10) Pistachio (13) Pistachio (14) Pistachio (15) Pistachio (16) Pistachio (17) Pistachio (18) Pistachio (19) Pistachio (20)


Praline is impossible not to love. She is so bitty and has such a sweet, sweet face. I love her dark, serious eyes and her gentle demeanor. She tries new things carefully and moves with purpose. And she loves to cuddle up and will sleep on my feet if I let her. Praline is a kisser, big time. She is very affectionate and not an excitable, hyper puppy (which I love about her). She is a calm, sweet puppy like her sister Pistachio.

praline (11)

I just had to show off how sweet she is. The puppies get used to lots of handling from the neurological stimulation and it really pays off. Look at this comfortable, relaxed and happy puppy! Her sweet disposition makes it better, of course. I can’t take all the credit!

praline (1)

No, no little Praline. We do not eat the green stuff!

praline (7) praline (8) praline (9) praline (10) praline (12) praline (2) praline (3) praline (5)


praline (4)


Shea is our deep, deep jet black little lady. I really love the white hairs on her little chin. They are so adorable and give her so much character. She is so incredibly deeply black and the little white hairs on her chin and the white patch on her chest stand out in contrast. The depth of black on her coat is truly difficult to appreciate via camera. But it is a gorgeous color that won’t fade, turn brown or orange and will be as true and gorgeous at age 5 as it is at day 5.

Shea was another little sweetie that was hard to photograph because she is keen to follow me around. She wants to be right with me and that means continually coming straight at me, tail wagging and nose extended. She is another laid back puppy though she and Cocoa have more energy than the other two. They wrestle the most and Shea discovered today that chasing sticks was the very best thing in the world ever!

Shea (10)

Shea just buried her face in those greens like it was the most wonderful smell in the world! You’d swear these babies were herbivores, the way they appreciate this greenery!

Shea (11)

Look at that face… seriously… I love her! And those curly little white chin hairs are just so cute, along with the white on her chest and down the front of her legs. Oh, little Shea, you’re such a cutie pie!

Shea (15)

I love her gorgeous, wavy, glossy coat. And a coat with a wave like this at 3 weeks is a dog that will have a very nice, rich curl as an adult. She is going to be gorgeous!

Shea (17)

There is Shea’s stick. She is going to be a pro at fetch so soon! I hope whoever takes little Shea enjoys a good game of fetch. She’ll probably be the puppy that randomly picks up sticks wherever she goes. You’ll wind up with a stick collection and after a storm she’ll clean the twigs out of your yard! 😉

Shea (19)

Throw the stick again people-Mommy? Which stick? Any of them. I’ve brought you a collection.

Shea (3)

I did get a very cute little yelp when I put Shea up here. She looked around and instantly reached the conclusion that she was stuck and could not make an effort to get into my lap as I took pictures. Her little yelp was half protest, half sweetness and zero fear.

Shea (5)

Shea, like the other puppies, seemed to really enjoy the thyme. She buried her face in there and just sniffed around and relaxed. So this litter of puppies loves the smell of thyme. Interesting.

Shea (7) Shea (8) Shea (9) Shea (12) Shea (13) Shea (14) Shea (16) Shea (18) Shea (20) Shea (1) Shea (2) Shea (4) Shea (6)Go on to see the First Trip Outside for the Boys


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  1. They are so adorable! Thanks for keeping us updated.

    I think I must be getting mixed up with dates, but wondering when we’ll know which Puppy is ours?

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