Visits and Pick Up

Filbert (24)

Puppy Visits

Rosie’s litter will be old enough for visits soon. We’re scheduling visits for Saturday June 14th (the day before Father’s Day) and Sunday June 22nd.

The nice thing about having two litters is that we can offer two days for litter visits 🙂

Visiting hours are 1-3 pm

Please post below your date for visit if you’ll be visiting on one of these two dates.

To keep the babies safe there are some basic rules for ensuring their safety and I will post them soon.


Puppy Pick Up

Rosie’s babies will be ready to go to their new homes beginning Tuesday July 1st. The following Saturday the 5th would make a convenient pick-up day for most people, however this is a suggestion and now would be a great time to email me and let me know what days or times work best for you. I will try to work with everyone so we can consolidate one pick up date best for everyone, if possible.

10 thoughts on “Visits and Pick Up

  1. I am happy to hear Rosie had anothet litter. Cried when I read about Peanut. I hope everything else is going well in your world. You will make so many people happy with your pups as Josie has made me.

  2. I will come on Sunday June 22–so glad that you added another visiting day. Since you will keep my puppy a little longer, I would propose picking up the puppy on Sat July 27.

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