2 Week Old Pictures

Our little guys are already 2 weeks old! Time is flying fast and these babies are so close to having their eyes and ears opened. They haven’t started trying to walk but it will only be a few more days before the whole group has open eyes and ears. It is very exciting watching their little eyes peep open one at a time!

Please click on the links to see the pictures.

Our Boys

Kola – our cream-collared boy is a beautiful dark sable merle.

Mongongo – our blue-collared boy is our hefty blue merle.

Marzipan – our red-collared boy is a copper sable with phantom markings.

Filbert – our green-collared boy is a sweet blue merle with tan points.


Our Girls

Cocoa – our cream collared girl is a sleek black and tan phantom

Shea – our green collared girl is a nicely curled black puppy with a white spot on her chest and tan markings on her feet

Praline – our red-collared girl is a rich, warm and coppery blue and sable merle with a very sweet face

Pistachio – our blue collared girl is a cool silvery blue merle

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