Just 14 Days Until Puppies!

Rosie has expanded in the past week (since I took photos for the last post) so I decided it was time to take a few more (they are below.) Still I find myself wondering if we’re going to have another phantom pregnancy. I second and third guess myself, but ultimately we’ll just have to wait and see. If Rosie does not have any puppies in there she sure has gained a whole lot of weight, because she has a round belly and her rib cage has expanded nicely. She pants a lot now and sometimes she groans a bit when she stands up. I’ve been pregnant. I can certainly relate and I’ve only ever had one at a time to heft around. 🙂

We’re making sure that she has lots of soft stuff available to lay on so she feels comfortable (but nothing too soft that she can’t easily get up when she is ready). She is eating like a champ and is playful with our new puppy trainees here at the house. You can see her tolerating our puppy Penny down in the last photo. Penny wants to give her a lot of attention.

Rosie had plenty of energy to play with a really lovely family that came over last night to visit. She did her usual Rosie thing, which was to make herself immediate best friends with anyone that walks through our front door.

“Hello. My name is Rosie and I love you.”

It is her very best quality.

5-3-14 198 5-3-14 143 5-3-14 144 5-3-14 154 5-3-14 155 5-3-14 166 Penny kisses

5 thoughts on “Just 14 Days Until Puppies!

  1. Rosie is beautiful! I am enjoying reading your posts. Can’t wait to see her puppies! Did Autumn get pregnant?


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  2. I feel like an expectant mom myself awaiting your new pups…no doubt they will all be beautiful and make the most wonderful new family members! Can’t wait to hear the exciting news!!


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