Rosie to Deliver Soon

We’re waiting for Rosie to whelp her puppies. It is really such a hard thing to do and it makes me think of the Tom Petty song about waiting being the hardest part (what is that song actually about, anyway?) Rosie feels like she is carrying a small litter, but it is hard to say for sure. I can feel her little babies kicking around in there and they don’t feel too large for her to free whelp easily. I seem to remember that December 13th would be her 63rd day in-whelp (pregnant) and that she’d deliver that day or the next,  but now I question my memory seriously and after going back through the calendar and wracking my brain (and my husband’s) I think I am mistaken. I believe her is on day 63 today (the 16th of December) and therefore should whelp today or tomorrow.

I do not suspect she will whelp today or tonight. She has eaten, however small amounts. Rosie will refuse food in any amount the day she whelps her puppies. She has been eating very little in the last few days, as is always the way it is with a female about to deliver her puppies. She has her nursery all set up and to her satisfaction and now we’re waiting on Mother Nature to bring those little furry bundles of joy into the outside world for us to meet.

I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. I’m always thrilled to meet new babies but I worry for Rosie too, since there is inherent risk in whelping puppies. Breeding is not for the faint of heart. Even great breeders sometimes lose good bitches from whelping and puppies (sometimes entire litters). It would be heart-breaking and devastating to have that happen. Again, breeding is not for the faint of heart or something to consider lightly.

Rosie, however, free whelps with ease and is in fantastic condition. She gained a little more weight than I’d like, but since it was on a high quality diet I’m not going to fuss too much over that. Besides, she is carrying all those puppies for me, the least I can do is offer her a bit of bacon and a little more chicken when she asks, right?

Here’s to good dogs. Hopefully I’ll be posting again soon with pictures of newborn, squirming puppies. Newborn pups look like little blind bears. They’re so cute but they don’t look much like dogs. I can’t wait!

Here she is, heavy with pups and stealing my couch-pillow. She doesn't look thrilled about me pestering her with the camera's flash, does she. :-)

Here she is, heavy with pups and stealing my couch-pillow. She doesn’t look thrilled about me pestering her with the camera’s flash, does she. 🙂

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